“Ashes and Snow” continues to tour in South America in 2009

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The amazing “Ashes and Snow” Photograpohy and Film show by Gregory Colbert will remain in South America after the successful display at the Zócalo Nomadic Museum in Mexico City this spring. Next places will be Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro in 2009; the exact dates are not yet available. In the meantime I found a new video on YouTube by Gregory Colbert, entitled: “Feather to Fire”. For those interested in artworks like original prints, portfolios, the soundtrack and the 60-min. film on DVD you can check the website. Also available is a new so-called “Codex”, a collection of photographs, artefacts and letters, that reminds us that the greatest artist of all is nature itself. The Codex Ashes and Snow is bound in original book covers from the 17th century. Since 1992 photographer and filmmaker Gregory Colbert has collaborated with more than 40 species around the world to create a 21st-century bestiary. These images attempt to express the world not only through human eyes, but also through the eyes of a whale, an elephant, a manatee, a meerkat, a cheetah, or an orangutan. The project is supported by the Swiss Rolex company.