My most popular video on YouTube: Power of Japanese Drums

Out of the many videos I have published on YouTube one is by far the most popular: The Power of Japanese Drums with over 320’000 views, 1202 likes and only 16 dislikes! In July 2004 the Japanese “Shumei Taiko Ensemble” gave an outstandig live performance for schoolchildren in the center of Barcelona. Music and meditation is part of their spiritual training. An amazing video; check it out! – Kedar (Editor of this Blog)


A virtual choir of 2052 individual performances on YouTube

The 2011 Virtual Choir video features 2052 performances of ‘Sleep’ from 1752 singers in 58 countries, individually recorded and uploaded to YouTube between September 2010 and January 2011. Composed and Conducted by Eric Whitacre; Poetry by Charles Anthony Silvestri. Amazing achievement!

“HOME” movie available on YouTube


Since yesterday the new movie “HOME” is not only available in movie theatres but also online on YouTube in best HD quality. The film featues the destiny of mother earth and what has to be done to bring back the most needed balance. All this is achieved with a mix of beautiful arial shots and a briliant narration. You never know how long it will be online, so better watch it soon. So far more than 200,000 people already watched it in the first 24 hours.

More high-quality and HD videos on YouTube

Facing a fierce competiton from new and high quality video sites like vimeo, Miro etc, YouTube, the world’s most popular video sharing platform, has rolled out Hi-Def video content on its site, including new landing pages. The folks at YouTube have added a “watch in high quality” option below any HD-enabled videos, so video fans can watch the videos right from their computer in much higher quality. YouTube has made it easier to browse videos uploaded in HD content by creating a HD videos area in the videos category. Due to the overwhelmed popularity and interest in video news organizations, the team at YouTube is testing three new landing pages on the site that includes, and According to a blog post in YouTube, “The news page will be populated with breaking stories from around the world as well as news drawn from the Google News service; music will feature rising videos alongside playlists dedicated to different genres; movies will showcase some of the most popular short and full-length movies on YouTube today. We’ll keep a close eye on how these pages perform with a view to rolling them out in other categories.”

At the FAQ help center, the team provides tips on video and audio specifications for users so that video uploads have best results on YouTube. Few days ago, YouTube announced that they will be expanding all standard channels over to the new 960 pixel width. (Source: KidTechGuru).

Today, I tested the HD quality upload on YouTube myself and it works! Watch the amazing quality of this musical performance of Mandu & Visuddhi as recorded during the “Songs of the Soulin the Bernhard Theater in Zürich.

Watch all YouTube videos by default in highest possible quality

picture-13As Rahul Mathur states in his blog “A blog with a difference”, there is an add-on in Firefox that allows you to watch all videos on YouTube by default in high quality. How do you install the script? You need to have Firefox . To install the script, you need to install an add-on called : Greasemonkey . Once you install the add-on , go to this link and click on Install . Rest shall be self explanatory. Just install this script and you get every video in high quality plus you get to see HD video without refreshing the window as the script uses AJAX. – I checked it out and it works, that’s a great advice!