Kids-to-kids Project brings Russian Dolls to Africa

Zina Tikhonova from Tomsk, Russia,  is an active coordinator for the “Doll for Africa” kids-to-kids project, promoted by the The Oneness-zina-from-tomskHeart-Tears and Smiles. Already two years ago she and her friends were sending 23 dolls from Tomsk. This year they expanded their vision and worked with a local TV company. Young talented journalist Julia (22) was very inspired and made 5 films about the dolls project. In these films she showed workshops where people are making dolls that will be sent to Africa as an act of oneness and brotherhood. About 20 dolls are already made. They are planning to send about 50 dolls at the end of March. Journalist Julia is eager to go to Africa in April with all the dolls and make another film about African children. It will be a oneness act between the people of Russia and Africa. After the TV station broadcasted the informations on the project, many people called and wanted to take part by doing dolls themselves. Also there is an idea to make a festival in Tomsk when the project is finished, also to tell people about Sri Chinmoy, founder of  Oneness-Heart-Tears and Smiles. This April it will be the 45th Anniversary of  Sri Chinmoy coming to the West to spread light, peace and harmony through various activities.