First video of the creation of singing bowls in Nepal

During my recent stay in Nepal I had the opportunity to film for the first time the creation of Singing Bowls in Kathmandu. They are manufactured according a centuries old tradition by some selected small local enterprises and thereafter find their way throughout the world to lovers of these musical instruments. Watch this unique document, realized early 2011 with my new GH2. The soundtrack is by Kamalakanta.

Beverly Ann Wilson demonstrates the use of crystal singing bowls

Beverly Ann Wilson from Mt. Shasta lives with quartz singing bowls and not only activates them to give us sublime sounds but she also knows how they can help us find our true inner self and learn to live in the eternal NOW. On April 16th 2010 she was the guest on the 2012 and beyond channel and gave a live demonstration with interview, that you can now watch as a replay.

Beverly Ann Wilson has orchestrated and participated in giving workshops and retreats since 1965. She has been involved in the Well Care side of Medicine since 1974 when Prevention wasn’t even recognized. She has lived and worked within the Mount Shasta Community since 1979, where she has The Crystal Room, Crystal Tones at Mount Shasta. She was active in community organization during The Harmonic Convergence in 1987 which heralded the Cosmic Impulse to assist us in raising our vibrational frequencies.  These Impulses and our Response set in motion our path to 2012. While she was working on becoming a Structural Engineer in late 2001, she was given stewardship of over 4500 kilos of crystals and minerals and The Crystal Room was born.  Early in 2002 she was introduced to Crystal Tones’ Crystal Singing Bowls and all of her paths converged into one. As a Master Alchemist, she works with Crystal Tones in creating the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls: marrying the consciousness of the transmitting aspects of quartz with the vibrational essence of each mineral or metal and our Body Consciousness. She believes that 2012 and the paradigm shift it brings begins in this moment, and with each of our conscious choices in each moment we are in.  She uses her crystal singing bowls and crystals to dramatically demonstrate this understanding within our body consciousness so our cellular body can teach our mind what this really means.