25 Years of Ultra Races in Basel

For 25 years the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team has been organizing one of the most popular ultra races, the 12 + 24 Hour Self-Transcendence Races in Basel, Switzerland. This short summary brings you the highlights of these unique sports events that live from the beautiful and soulful atmosphere as well as from the perfection of its organizing team. Enjoy the “*Spirit of Basel”. Length: 7:15 min. – The next edition of the 12 + 24 Hour Race in Basel will be held on May 4/5, 2013, for more information and inscription see the official website.

“Inspiration News” back on track!

Some years ago disciples of Sri Chinmoy published a regular news report with inspiring stories from around the world. After a break the series starts again with a great new episode, produced by UItpal Marshall. Have a look and learn more about the German Channel Swimmer Vasanti Niemz, a Self-Transcendence Race in Moscow, a visit to an orphenage in Vietnam and glimpses from the World Harmony Run in Cardiff, England, where also one of Sri Chinmoy’s life-size statues recently has been inaugurated.

Self-Transcendence on Lake Zurich

On August 8th 2010 the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team organized the 23rd Self – Transcendence Marathon Swim on Lake Zurich. A challenging weather from sunshine to thunderstorm surrounded this most popular swimming competition in Switzerland. Overall winner was Norbert Wild, Germany, in the Neopren category with a time of 6:34:07 h, fastest woman was Julie Ann Galloway, USA, now living in Dublin, with a time of 6:35:41 h. Enjoy the great atmosphere in this very special ultra sports event! More info, photos and the full result list you will find here: www.ch.srichinmoyraces.org

24 h LIVE Coverage of 24 h Self-Transcendence Race in Basel, Switzerland

The 22nd Basel Self-Transcendence Race will have for the first time a 24 h LIVE COVERAGE on http://www.livestream.com/srichinmoyraces. Together with the Deutschen Ultramarathon-Vereinigung there will also be news and interviews at the top of the hour. Start of Live Coverage is this Saturday May 8th at 11:30 h CET; the start of the race is scheduled for 12:00 h and at midnight there will be the start of the 12-hour race. On Sunday May 9th from 11:00 to 12:00 h you can witness the finish, which is always a powerful and moving event.

Self-Transcendence Six and Ten Day Race 2009 in Queens (NY) finished

May 2 saw the end of the 14th Annual Self-Transcendence Ten Day and Six Day Races organised by the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team, accentuated by dominant performances for both races and genders. Australian Dipali Cunningham In the Ten Day, ultra legend Madhupran Wolfgang Schwerk, 53,from, 50, from Melbourne created the most sensation with a down-to-the-wire effort, surpassing her eight-year-old world road six day women’s record with an amazing 513+ miles. That she turned fifty last year is an even more remarkable fact, besides that she has won 25 of 30 multidays in her career, including ten overall victories. Cunningham said: “I think I am being shown that age is in the mind.” The New York Times reported, that Dipali Cunningham had her best performance when her spirituality took over.  She felt like she was cheating out there because this power and joy entered into her from above. Dipali Cunningham was pushed by American Pam Reed, 48, from Tucson, AZ., who garnered a record herself with 490 miles- the best American womens’ open plus the age group (45-49) for six days. Darren Worts, 38, from Chatham, NJ USA won for the men with 420 miles- his first multiday venture. In the Ten Day, ultra legend Madhupran Wolfgang Schwerk,53,from Solingen, Germany breezed to victory with 777 miles, the third best performance in 10 Day annals and reportedly his last venture into racing beyond 24 hours. Igor Mudryk,34, from Vinnitsa,Ukraine finished second with 712 miles, a personal best of 179 miles! Kaneenika Janakova,38, from Bratislava, Slovakia made it two straight wins in the ladies’ Ten Day event with 707 miles, a personal best by 37 miles and a Slovakian national record. Sarah Barnett from Adelaide, Australia finished second with a PB of 684 miles. There were 44 starters in the 10 Day and 36 in the Six Day Race. The NYT published a video on the event, here is the link.