Eurobike Green Award 2008 to “r+m”

The award presented to a product with a particularly high value in terms of environmental protection and sustainability for the first time this year goes to the “Jetstream hybrid” e-bike made by riese und müller GmbH, Darmstadt, designed by Stijn Deferm, Markus Riese. The Jury comments “The e-bike does consume energy – but compared to a car, it offers a real alternative. The idea is to create an everyday object that will find broad acceptance. It is so interesting that it will get people onto bikes who normally wouldn’t use a bike. It can be used to cover impressive distances stress-free as well as for shorter trips and provides comfortable mobility that makes life easier. In addition, it can make a significant contribution towards alleviating traffic problems in inner-city areas.” Further informations of the “Eurobike” show and the complete list of awards you can find on this website. Eurobike 2009 will take place from September 2-5, 2009 in Friedrichshafen.