New statue of Sri Chinmoy in Figueira Da Foz, Portugal


The Honorable João Ataíde, Mayor of Figueira da Foz (Portugal) welcomed the International Sri Chinmoy Peace Run Team of runners for the inauguration of the statue of Peace Run founder Sri Chinmoy. The Mayor had invited many cultural organizations of the city to participate and serve as representatives. They were focussed on art, sport, music and many other initiatives. He said “Peace is not only the lack of war. The peace embodied in this statue is the peace of harmony, the inner peace. This is the message of Sri Chinmoy. Through the pose of this statue—with SrPortugal-statue-mayori Chinmoy’s hand on his heart and passing the Peace Torch like this—he is spreading the peace to others. In a world where peace is sorely lacking, it a great honour for us to have this statue here, which will now be a place of reflections for all the citizens of Figueiera in the spirit of communion in peace.

Sri Chinmoy was a man who dedicated his entire life to the cause of peace. He served the United Nations for 37 years related to programmes whose goals were to spread the message of peace. He found in running one of the best ways to foster peace. On behalf of the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run Salil then presented Mayor Ataíde with the Torch-Bearer Award in recognition for his remarkable work for the City of Figueira Da Foz as well as his lifetime of public service. The Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team also had the opportunity to present the Torch-Bearer Award to Jorge Pina for his inspiring sporting achievements in the face of enormous challenges. (Photos: Bijoy Imhof)

Ashrita Furman: New Underwater Unicycle Record in Portugal

In Lagos (Algarve, Portugal), Ashrita Furman established a new world record and his 169th Guinness Record on December 27th 2013. Underwater in a pool he managed to drive on a unicycle 100 loops and completed a distance of 1200 m in a time of 1:52 h. Watch this short report produced by Lusa Video.

Underwater cycling record in Portugal

Ashrita Furman (holding the biggest number of Guinness Records) from New York visited Portugal for his latest record: underwater cycling. Wearing scuba equipment, he took three hours to cycle three kilometres and 37 metres, watched over by a support crew that included translator Homagni (whose parents are Portuguese), Devashishu and Sahadeva. “My first record in Portugal,” Ashrita told the media. “You’re so nice for letting me use your pool. In America they don’t let me use the pool! They said, ‘You want to ride a bicycle underwater? You’re crazy!’ But you’ve been so nice to me!”