Open Video Conference in New York

Open Video is a broad based movement of video creators, technologists, academics, filmmakers, entrepreneurs, activists, remixers, and many others. When most folks think of “open,” they think of open source and open codecs. They’re right, but there’s more to Open Video than open codecs. Open Video is the growing movement for transparency, interoperability, and further decentralization in online video. These qualities provide more fertile ground for independent producers, bottom-up innovation, and greater protection for free speech online. YouTube and other online video applications are rightly celebrated for empowering end-users; however, online video lacks some of the essential qualities that make text and images on the web such powerful tools for free speech and technical innovation. Email, blogs, and other staples of the open web rely on ubiquitous and interoperable technologies that have low barriers to entry; they are massively decentralized and resistant to censorship or regulation. Video, meanwhile, relies on centralized distribution and proprietary technologies which can threaten cultural discourse and innovation. Open Video is about the legal and social norms surrounding online video. It’s the ability to attach the license of your choice to videoopenvideoconferences you publish. It’s about media consolidation, aggregation, and decentralization. It’s about fair use. In short, it’s about a lot of things, and that’s why this conference is going to be exciting!

Conference Highlights

  • Brings together stakeholders in the online video space (video makers, coders, lawyers, academics, entrepreneurs, etc.) for cross-pollination and development of the Open Video movement.
  • Raises the public profile of video creators and artists, especially those whose work relies on or contributes to Open Video.
  • Raises public interest and awareness around the Principles of an Open Video Ecosystem, a community effort to define best practices in online video.

Conference Details

  • two day event; June 19-20 at NYU Law School with live webcast
  • main agenda to feature high-profile speakers and presenters in legal and cultural dimensions of online video.
  • secondary programming to include workshops on DIY video creation, publication, etc.
  • secondary programming to include open source developer workshops, tech demos, and technical community building.
  • compilation of video art reel (remix, collage, etc) and related documentaries for continuous screening

The conference is organized by Participatory Culture Foundation, Yale Internet Society Project, Kaltura, iCommons, and the Open Video Alliance.