The Green Beautiful – A film on the future of our planet

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Really a rare awakening movie now available in French with English subtitles.  It tells the story of a woman from an advanced civilization of another planet who decides to come to Earth and is astonished how far behind we are. Amusing and serious at the same time. An absolutely must to see! This is the first of 9 parts, all available on YouTube.


Nature film with new dimensions: Ocean for Pathi

As the online edition of dailymail reports, a new nature film will be released end of January 2010. The film took four years to shoot and costing a staggering £45 million to produce. But it’s easy to see why: 500 hours of unedited film were shot using remote-controlled mini helicopters, divers, hydrodynamic cameras dragged behind boats and top speeds, and carefully tied poles. The film, Oceans for Pathi, is set to be launched end of January 2010. Cameras have penetrated shoals of hunting tuna fish and flown just metres above dolphins as they leap from the ocean. The film-makers also captured a sand-level view of tiny turtles hatching and scurrying to the ocean. It took two years of planning before 15 cameramen could even begin filming Oceans for Pathi. The crew filmed in 50 locations across the world and captured 80 species of fish, dolphins, whales, squid, lizards, crabs and turtles. The secret to the production is its revolutionary filming carried out in a bid to get within the ocean’s most intimate events.

“HOME” movie available on YouTube


Since yesterday the new movie “HOME” is not only available in movie theatres but also online on YouTube in best HD quality. The film featues the destiny of mother earth and what has to be done to bring back the most needed balance. All this is achieved with a mix of beautiful arial shots and a briliant narration. You never know how long it will be online, so better watch it soon. So far more than 200,000 people already watched it in the first 24 hours.