LIFE Voices 35: Prachar Stegemann – A deeper Sense of Peace

In this episode of LIFE Voices, Prachar Stegeman from Canberra, Australia shares his thoughts on spirituality, music and meditation. Prachar is a meditation student of Sri Chinmoy and helps to organise a range of sporting events in Australia and the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run. The episode is entitled ‘A Deeper Sense of Peace’ and Prachar explains how he became interested in meditation to help his work as a concert pianist. Prachar also talks about how studying meditation under Sri Chinmoy opened up a whole range of new possibilities from singing to sport. Length: 18:34 min. Produced by Kedar Misani, kedarvideo Switzerland.


Mount Kailash and other Power Places – Interview with Bruno Baumann

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For the last 30 years Bruno Baumann has been a passionate explorer of today’s world. He has traveled all over the world to discover new places, to experience the secrets of nature, especially in Tibet and its holy Mount Kailash. He is widely known for his TV reportages, books, posters and slide-shows. Bruno Baumann tells us about his many projects, his relationship with Buddhism and his plan for an extensive journey on the ancient silk-road leading to Shanghai in 2010, where the next World Exhibition will take place. He also shares with us some of his personal video material. Enjoy this colourful encounter! This is Episode 12 of “LIVE Voices – The Extraordinary in Everyday Life”, a monthly video podcast with inspiring interviews. If you want to experience Bruno Baumann live, don’t miss his lecture tour in Switzerland (March 1st-16th). Here you find all details of the tour.

The future is bright – Interview with Mandu Trummer

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Mandu Trummer is a good friend of mine, living in Austria. He is not only a talented erhu and harp player but also a brilliant thinker who gives us an insight in today’s world and his perception for the future. Learn more in this 27th episode of LIFE Voices. To download a smaller version for your iPod go to

Children of Light – Exclusive Interview with Elsbeth Maurer

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In this interview Swiss author, designer and mother of a special new age child speaks on her experiences with her daugther “Joy”, her books and her concept of “Open Your Heart”. A fascinating woman – a fascinating story! This is episode 25 of my monthly interview series “LIFE Voices”.

A Sound, Light & Water Happening in Switzerland

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It was a unique experience when I visited the “Fontaine Bleue” Sound-Light-Water Sculpture during an Indian festival near the Rheinfall in Northern Switzerland. I interviewed percussion artist Pit Gutmann who created this installation together with sculptor Ruedi Sommerhalder. Pit also demonstrates in his studio some of the instruments involved in the event. Watch this episode of “LIFE Voices” and experience something never seen before.

Documenting on Palm Leaves – Interview with Kadek Ardita, Bali

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Interview with I Kadek Ardita, a Balinese artist who carries on the beautiful handicraft of drawing and writing on dried palm leaves. This has been practised for thousands of years, long before paper was developed. Today only a few people on the island of Bali have inherited this craftsmanship and use it to create storyboards on the Ramayana, calendars or illustrations of deities, animals and horoscopes. This is the 22nd episode of my monthly podcast series LIFE Voices with inspiring interviews from around the world. Length: 8:23 min.

A Life of Pilgrimage – Interview with writer Catherine Lee

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Episode 2 of LIVE Voices features American writer Catherine Lee, who I met in Thailand. At the age of 72 she is still very active and traveling a lot as she did all of her life, mainly through India. Watch this episode and learn more about her opinions and approach to spirituality.

Exclusive Interview with Dr. Martin Vosseler: Keeping our planet intact

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I met Martin Vosseler in New York after he walked from Los Angeles to Boston in 7 1/2 months to mobilize the people about solar energy. A former doctor in Switzerland he felt the duty to inspire others and stopped his academic career. A year ago he crossed the Atlantic with a solar boat together with 4 other active scientists and adventurers. He proved that with the energy a hairdryer or a iron needs, you can run a whole boat with two electric motors, the whole technical and kitchen equipment – only with the energy of the available sun-light. After our interview he went back to Europe, but not by plane but on board of a freightliner from Miami to Italy. He said, he prefers not to use the airplane, if not absolutely necessary. In his interview he reveals all about his economical and spiritual approach to live. Watch this inspiring 18th episode of LIFE Voices!

World Spirit Forum Arosa 2009: “Discovering Soul”

The 6th WSF World Spirit Forum will take place from January 18 to 21, 2009 in Arosa/Switzerland. The Forum had been established to perform a creative platform for the unfolding growth of a new, global and integral consciousness in the fields of politics, economy, society, science, culture and religion. Therefore the WSF is not a conference like many others which actually do treat this topic. It is not merely a place where talks are given and speeches are hold. It is a place for the vivid experience of an uprising global spirituality which is to be explored within the various, highly esteemed religious and spiritual traditions of our planet. Therefore it actually combines ceremonies, workshops, prayers, art and talks. Its mayor intention is to both integrate and harmonize the wisdom and the spiritual treasures of mankind and the organizers desire to celebrate the One God, the Divine or however you may call it in its’ different revelations and different shapes. The topic of the WSF Forum 2009 is “Discovering Soul”: exploring the theme in the different spheres of for example Psychology, Science, Economy and Society/Partnership and Spirituality with a wide range of touching and moving workshops, Inspirational Dialogues, Dialogue Circles, Rituals and Meditation. It is important to create a continuous and harmonious field of communication and intercourse. In order to promote a new global consciousness it actually does make sense to walk on unfamiliar paths. The WSF does not have any funds in its background and thus the event is completely financed by the “Share of Costs” of those who join in. For any further information check the webpage. (Photo: Sven Nieder).

Watch also this Interview with Sesto Castagnoli, founder of the “World Spirit Forum” Arosa; it is part of my interview series “LIFE Voices”:

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The 500 Faces of the Buddha – Stone sculptures in Southern Japan

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