Imagine a world of peace…

Sri Chinmoy, the well known poet and peace dreamer, inspires us to imagine a new world – a world of peace and oneness.

“Imagination has power.
Imagination is power.
Therefore, be sure to have
A good and elevating imagination.”
“Imagination is a world of reality which is waiting for revelation and manifestation here in this outer world, which we know as reality.”
– Sri Chinmoy

Poems by Sri Chinmoy, Slideshow by Mananyu. Music composed by Sri Chinmoy, arranged by Shindhu; Pictures by Mananyu and Shushuti

Swiss Girl helps in Thailand

Swiss Joy (19) says: “In a disaster you can do two things. Sit back and watch or get up and do something. Anything. Whatever you can. The first option didn´t really work out for me.. So I flew 9056.6 kilometers to do something. Anything. Whatever I can.” For the next 19 days she is now reporting about her activities in this blog: Here is her first post:

Landing in Suvarnabhumi Airport at 18.24 on November 3rd 2011 you wouldn´t have guessed that 2/3 of Thailand was under water or that the Thai people were facing what has been called “the worst flood in half a century”. In fact the plane was full, the people calm and the atmosphere normal. Normal? I was beginning to wonder what bubble I had landed in. Standing outside waiting to be picked up a large Royal Thai Army truck passed, and I knew I was in the right place afterall. As we took up the tollway through Chaengwatthana, Don Muang and then Rangsit I saw that the media, for once, had not over-dramatized their boradcasts.

Trucks, garbage trucks, huge buses, and cargo transporters are stacked to the brim with sand bags. More than 30km of cars parked along the side of the tollway left and right, leaving only 2 lines free to drive on. Motorcycle taxi´s waiting like valet´s to pick you up and drive you along the endless car-line to find your car. Some have covered their cars with a protective sheet, not knowing when they would return. A large police tent is seen in the distance, with officers trying to manage the heavy traffic. Below us everything is under water. People have gathered in seek of shelter in an abandoned Police post on the tollway. Looking out to my left it is pitch dark. Roads are no longer visible, having been swallowed whole by the masses of water. The scattered lamp posts can be connected like dots to be able to make out where the road was. Now, just the reflection of the house and post lights like tiny ships out at sea indicate where the Soi´s once were. A massive blanket of water covers the abandoned villages below us. Where is the light house, I wonder, for all those lost sailors.

We drive by buildings that are completely dark due to power cuts or sheer desertification and abandonment. If it wasn’t for the half moon, providing what seemed to be the only source of light, we would probably not even see most of the buildings. Car after car parked till the very end of the tollway. They cover bridges and U-turn bridges as well. And as we slowly, inch by inch, drive down the exit we see left and right piles, even walls, of sandbags blockading the water from erasing the only road left. Numerous large pumps are positioned to pump the water escaping onto the road back over the barrier. Policemen and volunteers, some standing and some sleeping on the sandbags, guide the cars with floodlights along the flooded path. Who knows how long they have been out here for. A rescue boat on the other side of the barrier goes by, men with life jackets and flashlights head into the streets shouting out to home owners who have chosen to stay behind. – Joy

24 h LIVE Coverage of 24 h Self-Transcendence Race in Basel, Switzerland

The 22nd Basel Self-Transcendence Race will have for the first time a 24 h LIVE COVERAGE on Together with the Deutschen Ultramarathon-Vereinigung there will also be news and interviews at the top of the hour. Start of Live Coverage is this Saturday May 8th at 11:30 h CET; the start of the race is scheduled for 12:00 h and at midnight there will be the start of the 12-hour race. On Sunday May 9th from 11:00 to 12:00 h you can witness the finish, which is always a powerful and moving event.

Japanese World Harmony Run 2010 in Hiroshima

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The 20,000 km World Harmony Run Torch Relay began in Hiroshima on April 24th, 2010. In Japan a team of 36 international runners will carry the torch to Nagasaki where the team will travel to Korea, China, Mongolia, and finish in Moscow on September 27. Founded in 1987 by Sri Chinmoy the message of the Run is “Harmony begins in the heart of each one of us.”

Children of Light – Exclusive Interview with Elsbeth Maurer

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In this interview Swiss author, designer and mother of a special new age child speaks on her experiences with her daugther “Joy”, her books and her concept of “Open Your Heart”. A fascinating woman – a fascinating story! This is episode 25 of my monthly interview series “LIFE Voices”.

When the New Year dawns

by Sri Chinmoy*

candlesOn the eve of the New Year, a new consciousness dawns on earth. God once again inspires each human being, each creature, with new hope, new light, new peace and new joy. God says, “The New Year dawns and a new consciousness dawns within you. Run toward the destined Goal.” We listen to God, to the dictates of our Inner Pilot, and we run toward the ultimate Reality. The New Year energises us, encourages us and inspires us to run toward that ultimate Goal. When the New Year dawns, we have to make ourselves conscious of the fact that we have to transcend ourselves this year. We have to go beyond our present capacity, beyond our present achievement. When we have that kind of firm determination, God showers His choicest Blessings upon us. God always wants us to move ahead. He does not want us to look back. We know that while a runner is running fast, if he looks back, he will stumble. Similarly, if we are constantly looking behind at the year that we are leaving aside, we will think of our sorrow, misery, frustration, failure and so forth. But if we look forward, we will see hope dawning deep within us. Every day we should feel that we have traveled another mile. Then, we know one day that we will reach our Goal. Even if our speed decreases, we have to continue running and not give up on the way. When we reach our Goal we will see that it was worth the struggle.

Each time you enter a new year,
Be determined not to bring your old self with you.

*) Sri Chinmoy was a prolific writer, composer and philosopher, who sacrified his whole life to the cause of peace. He lived from 1931 – 2007.