The Imagine Peace Tower is online again live from March 20-27, 2012

To celebrate the 43rd anniversary of John & Yoko’s Honeymoon and and the first week of spring, the City of Reykjavík will be relighting Yoko Ono’s artwork IMAGINE PEACE TOWER from 8pm until midnight, every night from 20th – 27th March 2012. After that, it will next be relit by Yoko Ono on Oct 9th and light every night until Dec 8th, then Dec 21st–28th & Dec 31st 2012. Here is the live feed:


To remember John Lennon’s 70th Birthday

Tonight, shortly after 10 pm CET, Yoko Ono’s IMAGINE PEACE tower in Reykjavik has been lit again to remember John Lennon’s 70th birthday. The live picture can be found here.