24 h LIVE Coverage of 24 h Self-Transcendence Race in Basel, Switzerland

The 22nd Basel Self-Transcendence Race will have for the first time a 24 h LIVE COVERAGE on http://www.livestream.com/srichinmoyraces. Together with the Deutschen Ultramarathon-Vereinigung there will also be news and interviews at the top of the hour. Start of Live Coverage is this Saturday May 8th at 11:30 h CET; the start of the race is scheduled for 12:00 h and at midnight there will be the start of the 12-hour race. On Sunday May 9th from 11:00 to 12:00 h you can witness the finish, which is always a powerful and moving event.


Meditation with Sri Chinmoy – Live Broadcast tonight at 7 pm CET

meditation-chinmoyTonight the European Internet TV station jeet.tv will broadcast a one hour program on the meditation path of Sri Chinmoy who passed away aged 76. The program is presented by Kedar Misani and will consist of a short live introduction and  a 50 min. collection of precious meditations by the master himself. There are short quotes in between to facilitate the meditations. To view the jeet.tv channels you need the VLC player (downloadable free from the internet). Once you have this player you can get the link of Channel 1 (Live Stream) on jeet.tv. Then you only have to double-click this link and a window with the stream opens. Once the stream freezes, what can happen, just double-click the link again and you are back online. Good luck!

There is also a new English Edition of jeet.tv, where you will find many inspiring videos and interviews online 24 hours. This is the address: http://www.mogulus.com/jeettvenglish. Again here, if the picture freezes, just reload the page. Also you need a decent internet connection to have the best results.