David Wolfe gives advice on natural radiation defense

The US West coast just had its first – not dramatic – radiation fallout in the air and as David Wolfe, health and nutrition expert from Hawaii, states, every radiation fallout – even small – is bad for our health. In a brand new audio interview realeased today David explains the situation in Japan, reveals details about another nuclear casualty at Lake Ontario in Canada (which has been oppressed by the Media worldwide) and gives especially advice for natural products that can help fight against radiation fallout, such as Kelp, Ashwaganda, Astragalus, Brazil Nuts, Rishi extract, Ginseng, natural vitamin C, good himalayan salt, a lot of clean spring water, Aloe Vera, Noni etc. Here is the link to watch the interview: http://tiny.cc/adviceradiation


Nuclear catastrophe forces world to rethink future of power sources

In his latest newsletter Mike Adams from NaturalNews.com speaks about what the current events in Japan tell him in regard to energy systems in the future:

With one massive lurch, planet Earth has put an end to the nuclear power “renaissance” that was gaining momentum around the world as a safe, clean energy source. For the last few decades, nuclear power looked quite good compared to the dirty coal industry which fuels most of the world’s power plants. In mere moments, Mother Nature showed the world how vulnerable nuclear power plants really are to the whims of the unexpected. Today, Japan continues to battle the potential meltdown of several nuclear reactors. A “partial meltdown” has already occurred, and nuclear fuel rods have reportedly been exposed to the open air in at least one case, causing a noticeable radiation leak that has potentially impacted thousands of Japanese citizens.

In looking beyond the current crisis, perhaps the bigger question is “How will Japan be able to restore its power infrastructure after this event?” The public, now utterly horrified by the fear and the threat of death posed by existing nuclear power plants, will have no appetite whatsoever for restoring their function. Existing nuclear plants may even be shuttered by politicians looking to win favor from terrified voters. Japan is now facing a post-nuclear era in which it must find a new power source to replace many gigawatts (GW) of power.

Electricity is the lifeblood of Japan’s economy. Without an abundance of affordable electricity, Japan’s entire manufacturing base collapses. So what’s the solution? Japan must now seek a breakthrough clean, safe energy source that doesn’t require burning coal or radioactive fuel rods. That’s what must now occur in the aftermath of this combination earthquake / tsunami / nuclear power plant disaster in Japan: The human race must discard old belief systems about energy sources and begin to seriously explore alternative science and the promise of cleaner, cheaper and far safer energy sources through technologies such as Low Energy Nuclear Reactions — a technology that was once called “cold fusion” and widely ridiculed by all the usual suspects: Conventional physicists, skeptics, government scientists and the like.

Japan needs to get serious about researching free energy technologies that actually aren’t “free” energy devices but rather energy channeling devices that only seem to generate free energy. As any physicists knows, even the empty vacuum of space is teeming with vast quantities of energy woven into the fabric of spacetime itself. In fact, famous physicists such as Stephen Hawking argue that our entire universe (and everything in it, including all the dark matter) suddenly and spontaneously appeared out of exactly nothing. “Bodies such as stars and black holes cannot just appear out of nothing,” Hawking explains in his recent book The Grand Design. “But a whole universe can.” If a whole universe can appear from out of nothing, teasing out a few gigawatts of seemingly “free” power potential from the vacuum of empty space seems like child’s play in comparison. Of course, Japanese scientists are not God, but we’re not asking them to create the entire universe — just to find a clever way to extract some power potential from the fabric of reality and channel it into the power grid.

By the way, here’s the real secret in all this — the truth that virtually no one dares talk about: Such free energy technologies already exist and have existed for decades. They have all been unilaterally suppressed by oil barons, governments and powerful corporations because the profits to be had from other, more costly sources of power were just too tempting to pass up. The list of assassinated free energy inventors is a long one, indeed. Japan is now faced with a situation where they suddenly need a practical, scalable “free” energy technology that doesn’t go nuclear following a tsunami. And perhaps that’s the good news in all this, if there’s any to be found: From desperation and disaster, humanity must mature and evolve into a race of beings with greater humility and a deeper appreciation of the raw power of Mother Nature. The human suffering, loss of life, and property damage in Japan is, after all, wholly the consequence of humanity’s own lack of foresight or respect for the awesome power of Mother Nature. After all, earthquakes and tsunamis have been occurring on our planet for literally billions of years. But it was only recently that modern man decided to build nuclear power plants on the shores of land masses, exposing them to the inevitable tsunami wave assaults that recently struck Japan. You cannot blame this disaster on Mother Nature. Ultimately, for anyone who observes this situation with wisdom, you must point the finger at the short-sightedness of human beings and the egoistic, arrogant belief in “science” that thinks clever technology can somehow overcome the laws of inevitability.

Let us hope this devastating situation can somehow be avoided. More importantly, let us pray that humanity can be humbled by this experience and learn to operate with greater respect for Mother Nature and less misplaced faith in “scientific technology” that has been misrepresented and sold to us as “safe” and “clean” when, in reality, it threatens the very future of life on our planet.

– Mike Adams

After the Earthquake: Oneness and support for Christchurch residents

Bhuvah, a resident  of Christchuch sent in this report on the situation in Christchurch:  We are all absolutely fine including our enterprises where we work. It has been an “interesting” time as there was no anticipation of an earthquake in Christchurch and the constant aftershocks, which number in the hundreds now, have kept us on edge all week. Prior to last Saturday, Christchurch city and its environs had only experienced 3 moderate earthquakes in the last 40 years. Although we have been most fortunate, we are saddened by many of our dear customer-friends sad experiences of loss. At the same time we are gladdened that not a single life has been lost – there are numerous miracle stories of people escaping injury thanks to divine intervention and divine protection. At the same time there is a tremendous feeling of oneness in the air – the feeling of oneness that is created from an entire city sharing the same intense experience at the same moment and also the feeling of oneness and support from the rest of the country and internationally. Thousands of students and many other members of the community have been putting in a great effort by helping in a range of ways following the earthquake and support is coming from around the country. Earthquakes in New Zealand occur because we are located on the boundary of two of the world’s major tectonic plates: the Pacific Plate and the Australian Plate. These plates are colliding with huge force, causing one to slowly grind over, under or alongside the other. As intense as they can be, earthquakes have helped create New Zealand’s varied and beautiful landscape through complex processes of mountain building and erosion.