Imagine a world of peace…

Sri Chinmoy, the well known poet and peace dreamer, inspires us to imagine a new world – a world of peace and oneness.

“Imagination has power.
Imagination is power.
Therefore, be sure to have
A good and elevating imagination.”
“Imagination is a world of reality which is waiting for revelation and manifestation here in this outer world, which we know as reality.”
– Sri Chinmoy

Poems by Sri Chinmoy, Slideshow by Mananyu. Music composed by Sri Chinmoy, arranged by Shindhu; Pictures by Mananyu and Shushuti

Achieve all your dreams and goals

I found this article by by on her blog: “For anyone working toward making their dreams and goals come true, it is crucially important to find, create and utilize self-motivating tools that will ensure your success. Without them, the arduous journey can oftentimes become more difficult than necessary or even feel close to impossible to achieve. Some helpful tips follow:

Self-motivation is essential to reaching every dream you have ever envisioned for yourself. In the great rush of everyday life, how do you keep your dreams and greatest passions in the forefront of your mind and distinctly in focus? How do you ensure that you stay the course and remain on a steady path toward reaching every aspect of the ideal life you envision? Rising to the top takes more than just talent; it takes perseverance, belief in yourself and so much more. I am writing this article in response to some of the messages I have received throughout my time with Triond. I am finding a common thread among some fellow writers and this article is dedicated to them.

You must remain focused to achieve your dreams. It is important to stay focused on your dreams. It is important to remember that like any goal creating a plan, timeline and allowing for necessary modifications and flexibility along the way will without a doubt ensure that you reach your dreams. You were meant for great things.Trying new things is a good thing! Maybe you feel scared, nervous or frightened about trying something new, try it anyway! You may be surprised at what comes out of your new adventure. The more you trust other people, the more you find trustworthy people to surround yourself with. The more that you open doors in your life, the more doors will continue to open for you. Important motivating thoughts to ponder. You can make any dream you can think of a reality. It simply takes drive, perseverance, hard work and a belief in you. Now that you’ve been infused with wonderful doses of motivation, here’s another great way to inject positive energy into your life: Always believe in the beauty of your dreams. You can and ARE making them all come true!”