25 Years of Ultra Races in Basel

For 25 years the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team has been organizing one of the most popular ultra races, the 12 + 24 Hour Self-Transcendence Races in Basel, Switzerland. This short summary brings you the highlights of these unique sports events that live from the beautiful and soulful atmosphere as well as from the perfection of its organizing team. Enjoy the “*Spirit of Basel”. Length: 7:15 min. – The next edition of the 12 + 24 Hour Race in Basel will be held on May 4/5, 2013, for more information and inscription see the official website.


Influence of anthropometry and training in a 12 and 24 hour run

basel09On May 9 and 10, 2009, this year’s International Self-Transcendence 12+24 Hour Race will take place in Basle, Switzerland. Like every year the well-known endurance-athlete Dr. Beat Knechtle makes a new interesting study together with runners of this race. He explains “In runners, several different anthropometric parameters with an influence on performance have been described. Depending on the running distance, body mass, body height, BMI, body fat, total sum of skin-fold thickness, skin-fold thickness at the lower limb,  length of legs and circumference of limbs are correlated with the running performance. These parameters have been investigated in runners up to the marathon distance and in multi-day runs. However, an association between these anthropometric parameters and the performance in a 12 and 24 hour run has not yet been investigated. We now intend to investigate whether anthropometric parameters such as body mass, body height, length of extremities and body fat have an influence on race performance in ultra-runners in a 12 and 24 hour. Therefore we need male and female participants for the following investigation immediately before the race: Determination of body mass, skin-fold thickness at 8 sites, circumference and length of limbs in order to calculate fat mass and skeletal muscle mass. These measurements are harmless, need less than 5 minutes and will be executed by two experienced investigators in the hours before the start of the race. So interested athletes are invited to contact me in order to get a form that can be completed before the race.” – If you are interested in running the 12 or 24 hour race in Basel, please contact the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team as soon as possible. A few numbers are still available.

Blue Man Group Show wants to conquer Switzerland

From October 25 to January 11 the Blue Man Group Show comes to Switzerland. They will play in the Musical Theater Basel. After their big success in the US and a continuation in Germany they plan to conquer the Swiss audience. The Blue Man Group is typical for our time: they produce a mixture of a powerful rock-pop show, combined with humor, artistic skills, theatrical know-how, sarcastic criticism of today’s world and a big portion of enthusiasm. Let’s hope that the Swiss public gets fired too. Further informations: www.bluemangroup.ch.