What will happen on 21st December 2012?

Ac Tah, of the Mayan people, gave a talk in Santa Monica last month. In this exert he speaks about what is happening around December 21st 2012 and it’s significance to the world. His heritage is authentic.


2012 Spiritual Planetary Summit in Mexico

The 2012 Spiritual Planetary Summit (December 18-23) in Yucatan, Mexico, is the celebration of the closure of the Long Mayan Count, and with this, the end of a cycle where the learning was held by the means of fear and its effects: sorrow, disease and death. It is the end of a long learning of humanity’s soul. It is the celebration of the beginning of a New Planetary Time, where the learning through love shall emerge, and with this, freedom, plenitude, regeneration and life. During the Winter Solstice of 2012, key date of Mayan Wisdom, where the perfect galactic alignment projected powerful rays of christic golden light, transforming rays that penetrate the Planet Earth in order to elevate its vibrational frequency and impulse this humanity and the whole planet into a New Spiral in Time/Space.

The organizers are motivated to generate an authentic spiritual space, where different lines, traditions, schools or leaders of diverse spiritual sides of the world will converge. All within a respectful, loving and integrative coexistence. They wish to contribute with the creation of a more harmonic world, with the instauration of a culture of peace that allows us all to experience the joy of living. We are driven by the creation of a New Humanity, in a better connection with its spiritual essence; in order to inaugurate a New Planetary Time, the Golden Ages.The Spiritual Planetary Summit has the mission of generating an encounter of soaring Spiritual Level in order to generate a vortex of authentic light able to expand the transforming energy of the New Planetary Times. The purpose is of shaping an event of marvelous ecumenical and universal spirituality, on the sacred space where Ancient Maya, in the predestined times to open the gates into a New Age, the Golden Time of Humanity.

In the Spiritual Planetary Summit, a great energy which does emerge a powerful vibrational field where all the participants were to be connected with their divine essence and be capable of absorbing the waves of galactic shines that are currently reaching the Earth. And thereby, we all together achieve to generate a sacred space where the divine light can be present and, from this center, expand it towards every corner of the Earth. The 21st December Ceremony to be held in Uxmal, Yucatan will be performed during the winter solstice with the purpose of being in a mystic synchronization with the mighty galactic rays that enter primarily through the pyramid of AK-HE-NAH-TÚN: spot of maximum injection of galactic energy for Planet Earth. The objectives of the Conference are:

* Setting up the codes of the New Time.
* Creating a powerful space of genuine transformation.
* Bringing the spiritual values to maintain a Consciousness of Unity.

And finally elevating the spiritual consciousness of humanity in order for every human being to be tuned in with its self-Divine Essence and to experience life with harmony, happiness, sake and peace. Within a new respectful peaceful coexistence. This, without any doubt, would take human experience into an upper sphere of existence, where LIFE is a sublime space of harmonic creation and recreation. More info and registration: 2012spiritualplanetarysummit.com.

Huge Eruptive Prominence of the Sun in SLOW MOTION HD

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This is a SLOW MOTION version of the Huge Solar Eruptive Prominence taken from STEREO/NASA over a time of 19 hours on April 12-13, 2010. Amazing, how active our sun became and experts say it will even increase when we approaching December  21, 2012. More info and source: http://stereo.gsfc.nasa.gov

Beverly Ann Wilson demonstrates the use of crystal singing bowls

Beverly Ann Wilson from Mt. Shasta lives with quartz singing bowls and not only activates them to give us sublime sounds but she also knows how they can help us find our true inner self and learn to live in the eternal NOW. On April 16th 2010 she was the guest on the 2012 and beyond channel and gave a live demonstration with interview, that you can now watch as a replay.

Beverly Ann Wilson has orchestrated and participated in giving workshops and retreats since 1965. She has been involved in the Well Care side of Medicine since 1974 when Prevention wasn’t even recognized. She has lived and worked within the Mount Shasta Community since 1979, where she has The Crystal Room, Crystal Tones at Mount Shasta. She was active in community organization during The Harmonic Convergence in 1987 which heralded the Cosmic Impulse to assist us in raising our vibrational frequencies.  These Impulses and our Response set in motion our path to 2012. While she was working on becoming a Structural Engineer in late 2001, she was given stewardship of over 4500 kilos of crystals and minerals and The Crystal Room was born.  Early in 2002 she was introduced to Crystal Tones’ Crystal Singing Bowls and all of her paths converged into one. As a Master Alchemist, she works with Crystal Tones in creating the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls: marrying the consciousness of the transmitting aspects of quartz with the vibrational essence of each mineral or metal and our Body Consciousness. She believes that 2012 and the paradigm shift it brings begins in this moment, and with each of our conscious choices in each moment we are in.  She uses her crystal singing bowls and crystals to dramatically demonstrate this understanding within our body consciousness so our cellular body can teach our mind what this really means.

2012 Tipping Point – Conference in Cancun

José Argüelles is the man who first introduced the date December 21, 2012 into mass consciousness with The Mayan Factor. The initiator of the Harmonic Convergence global peace meditation of 1987, Argüelles is also the founder of the annual Whole Earth Festival (1970) in California, and one of the originators of the Earth Day concept. Following a life-changing vision at age 14, atop the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, Mexico, Arguelles began a lifelong journey to discover the underlying mathematics and prophecies associated with the Mayan calendar. By uncovering the Mayan codes, Arguelles discovered the telepathic nature of time. He also realized that the human species is living in artificial time, which is disrupting its planetary environment and destroying its civilization. To expand his vision of world peace, Arguelles co-founded the Planet Art Network (PAN) and the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement. He is presently Director of the Galactic Research Institute of the Foundation for the Law of Time, and most recently convened the First Bioregional Noosphere Congresses held at numerous sites world-wide. Through the Noosphere II research project he is exploring synchronic time and states of consciousness, co-producing the seven voume series, Cosmic History Chronicles, and promoting the vision of Earth as a work of art.


The purpose of the Maya coming to this planet was very specific: to leave behind a definite set of clues and information about the nature and purpose of our planet at this particular time in the solar system and in the galactic field. The Maya came here at a very specific time and made their observations. They left behind observations about the relationship of our planet to at least seven inner planets and information about the nature of the galactic beam our planet is now passing through, and which it has been passing through since 3113 BC. Once they made calibrations about the relationship of our planet to this galactic beam and to the other planets and to the sun, their job was done. One of the mysteries of the Maya has to do with their calendar, or what has been interpreted as their calendar. If the classic Maya didn’t begin building their temples and cities until AD 100-300, why were they using a precise calendar with an initiation point equivalent to August 13, 3113 BC? This calendar is usually referred to as the “Great Cycle,” and runs from 3113 BC to AD 2012. The question is, “why did they have a calendar that begins in 3113 BC, when they do not seem to have really begun to flourish as a civilization until the early centuries of the present (last) millennium?”.

When I assumed perhaps the Maya were originally from outside of the solar system and from another portion of the galaxy, I also looked at the actual mathematical system that was being used to define their calendar. It was often assumed that the Maya invented the calendar to keep track of agriculture and planting seasons. I went back and assumed that the mathematical system existed first, and was then adapted to a terrestrial calendar. As I looked at the mathematics, I was struck by the amazing quality of harmonic numbers in the calendar. The calendar was actually measuring some type of harmonic wave, some type of large wave or beam that had particular cycles of fluctuation and amazing harmonic properties. It quickly struck me that the Great Cycle isn’t so much a measurement of time as it is the measurement of this planet’s passage through a beam that is 5,125 years wide, or 5,125 years in diameter. Naturally, it’s difficult to be aware that we are passing through a beam that is being generated from the galactic core and mediated through the sun, the local star. The Earth is passing through it, as are all the other planets, but it seems to have particular meaning for the Earth. Astrophysicists, however know of such beams, calling them density waves. These waves sweep through the galaxy influencing major stages of galactic evolution such as the birth of stars. With this in mind, I further understood that this beam – wave harmonic of history – was a type of synchronization beam whose purpose was to accelerate and synchronize the planetary DNA such, that by the end of the cycle, humanity would realize it was a unified planetary organism.

In 2012, we will be at a place on the galactic spiral, where only maybe one turn up on this particular beam, where we were in 3113 BC, and what that means is that there’s an evolutionary jump. The cycle that I’ve been talking about, the Great Cycle, is only a subfactor of another larger cycle and all cycles—they go up (macro), and they go down (micro). The larger cycle that we’re dealing with is an approximately 26,000-year cycle that also ends in 2012. If you go back 26,000 years, this cycle roughly encompasses the evolutionary stage Homo sapiens. The peak of the last Ice Age was in 24,000 BC. This is when what we call “modern humanity” emerged. So, this 26,000-year cycle actually encompasses five Great Cycles. We’re in the fifth and last of a set of Great Cycles that began in 24,000 BC. It’s on this basis that we’re looking at 2012 as being a very, very critical juncture. It’s what I refer to as “galactic synchronization,” and it also is a major evolutionary shift. The next evolutionary shift will occur in 2012 – and that shift, a change in frequency, will take us directly into the noosphere.

There are other dimensions of reality, and there are more evolved stages of being and intelligence than ours. The universe is benign and compassionate. No one’s out to destroy us. UFO activity has increased since we entered a critical pollution stage, which followed the introduction of radioactive waste into the environment in 1945. It’s been since that point that the modern phenomenon of UFOs has been with us. There is definitely a relationship between the Mayan factor and the UFO phenomenon, and I think that we can anticipate that the UFO activity will intensify. We must understand and realize that we are dealing with galactic civilization. That realization will facilitate a return to our highest being, to our own receivers opening up, and the information of the Mayan factor, will be information easily accessible to everybody. -José Argüelles

More infos on: www.lawoftime.org www.noosphereforum.org

How do Indigo and Crystal Children feel and what can they offer to the world?

On her website, Swiss crystal child Lena speaks about crystal children: “Each person has 7 senses but most of them don’t know them or don’t use them. Crystal children are similar to Indigo children. The aura of Crystal children shines in all pastel colours. Their energy is clear, calme, peaceful and they radiate a lot of love. They are very sensitive and can feel the emotions of other people, feel energies and thoughts. On the other side they are very sensitive and get hurt very soon. They are peacemakers. Because they don’t like fights, they do everythin with love and respect. The Crystal children have a big knowledge. For example they know what they did in past lifes, what happens with people, why they are ill or where their way goes and so on. That’s why they are a bit bossy and don’t like teacher so much. They don’t like if other people instruct them because they know it already. The Crystal children like nature and animals very much; they are very important for them. They know about their feelings and are very clear about what happens in their body or in their life. They love everything. To the angels, ghosts and invisibly friends they have a good contact and can talk to them. Telepathy is easy for them. The eyes of Crystal children are mostly big and shiny. They can talk with their eyes.” For those of you who are interested in the subject, Lena (23) will gave a one hour LIVE interview on 2012 and beyond on December 11th 2009 which still can be seen here or at vimeo.

Secrets of the Universe – Aphorism by Sri Chinmoy

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As we are in the middle of a big transformation on this Earth, it is good to get some first-hand guidance from a realized spiritual master on our Universe and it’s future. This video brings you aphorism written by Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007), recited by Mukuli.

The future is bright – Interview with Mandu Trummer

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Mandu Trummer is a good friend of mine, living in Austria. He is not only a talented erhu and harp player but also a brilliant thinker who gives us an insight in today’s world and his perception for the future. Learn more in this 27th episode of LIFE Voices. To download a smaller version for your iPod go to srichinmoy.tv