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Inspiring news, photos and videos are the focus of this Blog. As a former journalist and still active Blogger, Photographer and Videographer I feel the necessity to inform about things with help us to elevate our consciousness and be one with mother earth to allow a sustainable future for our planet. If you know of anything inspiring happening in your community or surroundings you are welcome to send me a comment or a link. -Kedar, Zurich

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8 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hello, Just saw your photo of Beverly Wilson with the Crystal Bowls. She is going to be one of our presenters at The Best of Mt Shasta Conference this summer. Check out our website. would you like to do more on Beverly or any of the other presenters? All the best for you, Andrée

  2. Hi Kedar,
    thanks for sharing these inspiring news!
    Yesterday I saw Mr. Emoto’s message about praying for the Waters in Fukushima and we made it today at school with about 30 Hungarian children between 10-14.
    It was an excellent occasion to speak about really important things with them.
    Thank you very much!

  3. Hi Kedar,
    I watched your video “Tegla Loroupe: Peace through Sports” on DotSub. I enjoy running and I would love to translate it into Portuguese (Brazil). I’ve already translated some videos and I’d be so grateful if you give me the opportunity to translate that one. And thanks for all the inspiring videos!
    All the best, Viviane F Matos

  4. Hi Kedar,
    I have just completed a short film about a magical lake in the Himalayas that changes color every minute. It’s an amazing spectacle of nature.

    Thought you might like it.

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