New Meditation Center and Vegetarian Restaurant in Zlin


Recently a huge new Meditation Center has been inaugurated in the Czech town of Zlin. Included are rooms for lectures, a Madal Bal Shop, a Gallery with Sri Chinmoy’s artwork and a vegetarian restaurant called “Pranaya”. The building and shops belong to Czech students of Sri Chinmoy. Photos by Ashish Zubaty.


What will happen on 21st December 2012?

Ac Tah, of the Mayan people, gave a talk in Santa Monica last month. In this exert he speaks about what is happening around December 21st 2012 and it’s significance to the world. His heritage is authentic.

2012 Spiritual Planetary Summit in Mexico

The 2012 Spiritual Planetary Summit (December 18-23) in Yucatan, Mexico, is the celebration of the closure of the Long Mayan Count, and with this, the end of a cycle where the learning was held by the means of fear and its effects: sorrow, disease and death. It is the end of a long learning of humanity’s soul. It is the celebration of the beginning of a New Planetary Time, where the learning through love shall emerge, and with this, freedom, plenitude, regeneration and life. During the Winter Solstice of 2012, key date of Mayan Wisdom, where the perfect galactic alignment projected powerful rays of christic golden light, transforming rays that penetrate the Planet Earth in order to elevate its vibrational frequency and impulse this humanity and the whole planet into a New Spiral in Time/Space.

The organizers are motivated to generate an authentic spiritual space, where different lines, traditions, schools or leaders of diverse spiritual sides of the world will converge. All within a respectful, loving and integrative coexistence. They wish to contribute with the creation of a more harmonic world, with the instauration of a culture of peace that allows us all to experience the joy of living. We are driven by the creation of a New Humanity, in a better connection with its spiritual essence; in order to inaugurate a New Planetary Time, the Golden Ages.The Spiritual Planetary Summit has the mission of generating an encounter of soaring Spiritual Level in order to generate a vortex of authentic light able to expand the transforming energy of the New Planetary Times. The purpose is of shaping an event of marvelous ecumenical and universal spirituality, on the sacred space where Ancient Maya, in the predestined times to open the gates into a New Age, the Golden Time of Humanity.

In the Spiritual Planetary Summit, a great energy which does emerge a powerful vibrational field where all the participants were to be connected with their divine essence and be capable of absorbing the waves of galactic shines that are currently reaching the Earth. And thereby, we all together achieve to generate a sacred space where the divine light can be present and, from this center, expand it towards every corner of the Earth. The 21st December Ceremony to be held in Uxmal, Yucatan will be performed during the winter solstice with the purpose of being in a mystic synchronization with the mighty galactic rays that enter primarily through the pyramid of AK-HE-NAH-TÚN: spot of maximum injection of galactic energy for Planet Earth. The objectives of the Conference are:

* Setting up the codes of the New Time.
* Creating a powerful space of genuine transformation.
* Bringing the spiritual values to maintain a Consciousness of Unity.

And finally elevating the spiritual consciousness of humanity in order for every human being to be tuned in with its self-Divine Essence and to experience life with harmony, happiness, sake and peace. Within a new respectful peaceful coexistence. This, without any doubt, would take human experience into an upper sphere of existence, where LIFE is a sublime space of harmonic creation and recreation. More info and registration:

Save Mess Aynak from destruction by signining this petition

The clock is ticking, imminent destruction scheduled to begin December 2012! We the undersigned bring to your attention that, when one talks about the protection of world heritage one cannot help to think of UNESCO and its commitment and responsibility to find prompt solutions for the safeguard and protection of endangered sites. After 30 years of armed conflicts Afghanistan has suffered the loss and desecration of thousands of objects and hundreds of sites such as the city of Ai Khanum and Bamiyan, a site that would eventually be enlisted as a site to be protected but too late. Let us NOT repeat the same mistake and ACT now for: the Heritage of Afghanistan is once again faced with violation and inpending loss, this time in the case of the immense Buddhist  site of Mess Aynak (see picture). We believe that while economical development through the mining of precious minerals, is necessary, it cannot become an additional tool or exscuse for further destruction of an already weakened Heritage. We the undersigned ask of UNESCO that the site of Mess Aynak, Afghanistan be enlisted immediatly on the List of Endangered Sites and the World Heritage List thus giving UNESCO the opportunity to demonstrate its commitment to the protection and safeguard of our World’s Heritage.

Archaeologists from around the world are fighting to save a 2,600-year-old Buddhist city, called one of the most important archaeological discoveries in Asia, from imminent destruction by a Chinese mining company in volatile Logar province, Afghanistan. Sign the petition to save the ancient city of Mes Aynak from needless destruction while preventing irreversible environmental harm to Kabul watershed and the Afghan people.This ancient location, is in crisis because it will become a copper mine this coming December. Help us save this ancient site, containing thousands of years of history from being destroyed for commercial benefits. Signing the petition will take less than 2 minutes to do!

And here is the Link to the Petition

Sri Chinmoy’s big Concert in Davos

On May 27 of 1987, spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007) had a 7-hour Concert & Meditation in the Swiss village Davos where he performed on many musical instruments he never played before: various kind of flutes, different chimes, string instruments, the cello, a contra bass, synthesizers and some unusual instruments like the sound-producing Indonesian wood sticks. In between the musical pieces he meditated in silence. Watch the highlights of this historical event. Length: 1:31 h. Filmed and produced by Kedar Misani, Switzerland

John Doan: Celtic Pilgrimage in Austria

Witness John Doan’s Celtic Pilrimage with his Harp Guitar, through centuries of ancient tales and music. This is a live recording at the Kornspeicher in Wels, Austria in May 2011. Guest singer was Rija. Length: 1:11:19. Produced by kedarvideo, Switzerland on JVC-GH-HM100, GH1 and GH2.

Sri Chinmoy in Iceland – now online

This is another feature-long film on one of the many visits of spiritiual teacher and peace advovate Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007) to a foreign country in the year 2000. The fascinating and beautiful island of Iceland honoured Sri Chinmoy with an official reception in Reykjavik, and its open-hearted citizens filled the concert hall of the town for an oustanding concert. Sri Chinmoy also visited the first two enterprises, run by students of him: the restaurant “Ecstasy’s Heart-Garden” and “Health – the richest wealth”, a health-food shop, both in the centre of the capital. Length: 1:13 h. This video is also available on DVD as are around 100 other films on Sri Chinmoy’s activities, see this blog for more details:

Gorakshanath’s cave discovered in Nepal

A group of spiritual seekers found a cave in which the sage Gorakshanath seemed to have meditated for a long period of time in the 10th century AD.  The cave is situated behind a Buddhist  monastery in the surrounding hills an is mainly worshiped because of a Buddhist Lama who meditated in the same place in later years. The long cave has been closed and only a small chamber with a shrine remains. On the website we found the following text about the life of Gorakshanath.

Gorakhnath is also known as Siddha Siddhanta and Nath tradition. It was founded by Gorakshanatha (Gorakhnath) who lived about 10th century AD. He is believed to be 3rd, 4th or 5th in a line of 12 prominent teachers of this tradition, which has followers in both Buddhism and Hinduism. He was said to be a disciple of Matsyendranatha who was from Nepal. Followers of this sage believe that knowledge of this tradition was received by Matsyendranath directly from Siva himself. Gorakshanatha is credited with such works as Siddha Siddhanta Paddhathi and Viveka Martanda. He composed them in Hindi. He also created 12 monastic orders across Northern India in an effort to preserve the Adinatha tradition. Other important works of this tradition are Hathayoga Pradipika, Gheranda Samhita, Siva Samhita and Jnanamrita. The school was predominantly ascetic and adapted many practices of the Pasupatha sect and the Adinatha Tradition in contrast to the Nandinatha tradition followed in the south. Although it is a tantric tradition, it differs from many left-handed (vamachara) schools of tantra with its uncompromising emphasis on the practice of brahmacharya or celibacy and its stand against the use of sexual energy in yogic practices. In the past this groub enjoyed some Muslim following in the northern India and some of them even became heads of their monasteries. Gorakshanatha brought to light many secrets of hatha yoga, kundalini yoga and samadhi and contributed to their present day popularity. Members of the group also dabble in occult sciences and siddhis or super natural powers.

Followers believe that it would be possible through yogic practices to prolong human life and become immortal in the physical body (kayasiddhi). They believe that through the practice of hathayoga it is possible to channel breath energy through a web of nerves or nadis and acquire occult powers as well as achieve liberation. No one knows for sure what these practices are except those who have been initiated into them. Some followers claim to have seen or interacted with beings who are several hundreds of years old. There are claims that Gorakshanatha, the original founder of the school, is still alive and active in our earth plane but does not appear in public. They also believe that Siva is the material and efficient cause of creation and that after liberation the jivas would return to Siva, like bubbles in water. Oneness with Siva can be experienced by serious practitioners of yoga in a deep state of samadhi. Once the state of samadhi is reached, an individual would remain forever established in transcendental consciousness even while engaged in the mundane affairs of the outside world. The group is active in many parts of India and abroad and its followers range from mendicants and street magicians to the most obscure ascetics living in the Himalayas. The popularity of hatha yoga, pranayama, kundalini yoga, holistic medicine, astrology and ayurveda in the modern world can be attributed to a great extent to this tradition.

And here for the first time  you can see some glimpses of this cave in Nepal and the chantimng monks of this sacred place:


Sun flares approaching the Earth

This is a most current picture of this evening (Click on the image to watch it in full size)

It appears Tuesday’s massive solar eruption is already impacting communications in southern China and may disrupt satellites in orbit and electrical grids on the ground over the next few days. The X-class flare is the most powerful seen in four years. Class X solar flare–the largest category of solar flash–was ejected from a Jupiter-sized sun spot Tuesday, sending a missile of charged plasma particles hurtling toward earth at speeds of more than 550 miles per second. It’s actually one of three coronal mass ejections (CMEs) headed this way–two smaller ones preceded it–and is expected to reach the Earth’s orbit sometime tonight. The China Meteorological Administration reported that the solar storm has already disrupted shortwave radio signals in southern China, causing “sudden ionospheric disturbances that jammed signals. “Ground to air, ship to shore, shortwave broadcast and amateur radio are vulnerable to disruption during geomagnetic storms,” the U.S. National Weather Service said in a statement regarding the incoming solar activity. “Navigation systems like GPS can also be adversely affected.” But as in all storms, solar or otherwise, dark clouds always have silver lining. The British Geological Survey reports that the increased solar activity should bring spectacular Northern Lights displays further south than usual, dazzling Brits with a rare view of a really active aurora borealis. Hopefully the lights in the sky won’t be the only ones left burning after the solar flare hits. (Source:

December 21: Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse and Solstice

This morning there was a special spectacle in the sky: we had a solstice, a full moon and a a lunar eclipse at the same time. This happened last time in the year 1703!

The full Moon, and its total eclipse on this longest night of the year is timed perfectly to give us all a quiet time when the world sleeps, and to synchronize countless people’s efforts to harmonize with each other. Try as much as possible during the eclipse to surround yourself with and focus on the aspects of your experience that bring you your deepest feelings of love and joy. Your family, your people, The Earth, Love for all others, love for this. This is a unique opportunity to sow the seeds of change in our minds. You can make this eclipse a memorable experience, share this with your Family and Friends, especially the young ones. This could help teach future generations how to achieve unity globally. We wish you the most Peace and Happyness in life and hope to feel your presence during the shadow of the eclipse. (Source: vharoldster/YouTube)