2012 Spiritual Planetary Summit in Mexico

The 2012 Spiritual Planetary Summit (December 18-23) in Yucatan, Mexico, is the celebration of the closure of the Long Mayan Count, and with this, the end of a cycle where the learning was held by the means of fear and its effects: sorrow, disease and death. It is the end of a long learning of humanity’s soul. It is the celebration of the beginning of a New Planetary Time, where the learning through love shall emerge, and with this, freedom, plenitude, regeneration and life. During the Winter Solstice of 2012, key date of Mayan Wisdom, where the perfect galactic alignment projected powerful rays of christic golden light, transforming rays that penetrate the Planet Earth in order to elevate its vibrational frequency and impulse this humanity and the whole planet into a New Spiral in Time/Space.

The organizers are motivated to generate an authentic spiritual space, where different lines, traditions, schools or leaders of diverse spiritual sides of the world will converge. All within a respectful, loving and integrative coexistence. They wish to contribute with the creation of a more harmonic world, with the instauration of a culture of peace that allows us all to experience the joy of living. We are driven by the creation of a New Humanity, in a better connection with its spiritual essence; in order to inaugurate a New Planetary Time, the Golden Ages.The Spiritual Planetary Summit has the mission of generating an encounter of soaring Spiritual Level in order to generate a vortex of authentic light able to expand the transforming energy of the New Planetary Times. The purpose is of shaping an event of marvelous ecumenical and universal spirituality, on the sacred space where Ancient Maya, in the predestined times to open the gates into a New Age, the Golden Time of Humanity.

In the Spiritual Planetary Summit, a great energy which does emerge a powerful vibrational field where all the participants were to be connected with their divine essence and be capable of absorbing the waves of galactic shines that are currently reaching the Earth. And thereby, we all together achieve to generate a sacred space where the divine light can be present and, from this center, expand it towards every corner of the Earth. The 21st December Ceremony to be held in Uxmal, Yucatan will be performed during the winter solstice with the purpose of being in a mystic synchronization with the mighty galactic rays that enter primarily through the pyramid of AK-HE-NAH-TÚN: spot of maximum injection of galactic energy for Planet Earth. The objectives of the Conference are:

* Setting up the codes of the New Time.
* Creating a powerful space of genuine transformation.
* Bringing the spiritual values to maintain a Consciousness of Unity.

And finally elevating the spiritual consciousness of humanity in order for every human being to be tuned in with its self-Divine Essence and to experience life with harmony, happiness, sake and peace. Within a new respectful peaceful coexistence. This, without any doubt, would take human experience into an upper sphere of existence, where LIFE is a sublime space of harmonic creation and recreation. More info and registration: 2012spiritualplanetarysummit.com.


Gigantic Buddhist Rose Ceremony for the New Year in Thailand

Let’s open the 2012’s calendar with something different from typical celebration! What about the idea of rose? Universally, rose symbolizes love. Universal love is limitless. Limitless love can be love given to the religion and to all beings which it’s called loving kindness. If we could love all beings, our path of life would be paved by roses. So lets create a rose way to make a new rose year in 2012. At every special occasion, people are looking for special things to celebrate. Look at the beauty of roses, let the floral freshness quench our mind to be clean and beautiful, not allow it tainted by any old unwholesome memories in this auspicious season. Rip the rose petals and keep them fresh to add more auspiciousness. 127 Buddhist monks will walk on pilgrim on a length of 365 kilometer to bless people on this worldly greetings season. The entire 365 k route will be scattered by multicolored rose petals to unbrokenly pave the rose way for the righteous pilgrim monks to walk on. The event indicates that the 365 days of the New Year, the participants’ life will fill with happiness and success without difficulty. Thousands of people and school students take part in this joyous and sacred activity.

At the same time, the act of pilgrimage is one of the 13 Dhutanga practices of the Taravatta Buddhist monks. In the Buddhist society, after the Rains Retreat, monks are offered the Kathina Robe before they are preparing for Dhautanga. In the old days, this austere practice was emphasizing on the journey within the secluded forests. In modern days, the practice has been adjusted. The 1,127 monks will walk pass through 6 recently inundated provinces around the central part of Thailand. Their performance intends to nurture the wrecked mind of the flood disaster with the power of their loving kindness. The purity power of their cultivated mind serves as a big spiritual cleaning to all. The pilgrim route covers the provinces of Ayuthaya, Pathum Thani, Nonthaburi, Nakornpathom, Supanburi and Bangkok. Yet, it contains another essence related to the Great Meditation Teacher of Vijja Dhammakaya named Phra Mongkolthepmuni. The designed route tracks back his life history. This noble journey commenced on 2nd of January and will last till 25th of the month – a total of 24 consecutive days. The starting point is Dhammakaya Temple in Pathum Thani Province.

Everyone is invited to participate and witness this spectacular scene and to give the chance to be blessed. This ‘Rose Way’ exhibits a great lesson that hope still exists as long as we still can breathe. After the event we may be more aware of the benefit of keeping ourselves expose as many as possible to wholesome environment amid life’s adversity. We will be able to find happiness in any situation and transform miseries into bliss. Our mind will regain its equilibrium, vigilance and the ability to handle things with fright-free manner. Then the ‘Rose Way’ will truly pave the ‘Rose Year’ ahead for us. – Elsbeth Maurer, Zurich/Bangkok

World Festival of the Heart in Melbourne in 2012

So many truly remarkable things are happening in our world today across the entire spectrum of human endeavour. But it is easy to lose sight of this fact when we wake each day to news of more outbreaks of war, civil unrest, economic challenges, natural disasters and loss of life counted in many hundreds and thousands. We seem to be living in times of great change and uncertainty, marked by substantial issues at both local and global levels and yet at the same time by amazing advances in science, technology, humanity and the arts.

The vision for the World Festival of the Heart is to explore some of these developments in three program-packed days in Melbourne, Australia, on 9, 10 and 11 November 2012. The Festival will bring together some of the foremost world figures in spirituality, the sciences and the arts, to celebrate their work and achievements in a spirit of oneness, openness and enquiry and to participate in their remarkable creativity. Many forums have highlighted these current developments but the organizers wanted to do something a little bit different . . . they don’t just want to talk about them, they want to experience them in as many ways as possible with the power of the heart. Their aim is to create a program full of activities: workshops, music, dialogue, devotions, performance, concerts, an expo and a grand forum. Their hope is to transcend our everyday concerns for three days and explore new dimensions of living and wellbeing. The program is designed for anyone who has a passion for life, the world and our future. These are the three major themes for the Festival to explore the interplay and convergence of these disciplines:

The Great Mystery: life, consciousness and the universe
The Universal Heart: recognising the oneness in diversity of all life
Creative Living: making right choices for a healthy, happy and harmonious life

Some of the program activities and topics will include:

  • “Whole-of-festival” sessions where everyone gets to enjoy the morning in the Plenary Auditorium
  • Facilitated discussions where participants and presenters can share their experiences in smaller groups
  • Workshops to get more “hands-on” with ideas, issues and materials
  • Themes based around “living in the heart”:
    • The Great Mystery: life, consciousness and the universe
    • The Universal Heart: recognising the oneness in diversity of all life
    • Creative Living: making right choices for a healthy, happy and harmonious life
  • “Art from the Heart” exhibition of local and international artists
  • Music-making, performances and concerts throughout the Festival program — stay tuned for announcements
  • Forum for the Future feature event with leading figures sharing their vision for the world and bringing together ideas and inspirations for daily living
  • Special childrens’ and youth program
  • HeartMart Expo featuring ideas, products and services for better living
  • State-of-the-art venue at Melbourne Convention Centre

The full program and schedule will be announced later in 2012. Check out the website: www.festivaloftheheart.org and subscribe to the Newsletter to be up-dated and informed. The organizers of the “World Festival of the Heart” extend an invitation to everyone with an interest in improving happiness, health and wellbeing to attend the Festival. The program will develop exciting ways for people of all ages and interests to participate and interact with our presenters, exhibitors and performers. Invited will be exciting presenters, artists, musicians and elders from around the world to participate in a program that will highlight exciting developments in:

  •   World Festival of the Heart Spirituality — heart-based living
  • The Sciences — cosmology, wholistic health, ethology, environment, nature, quantum physics, technology
  • The Arts — music, literature, visual arts, performance

Impossibility Challenger in Auckland: Fun records to enjoy

Budhsamudra and his team did a great job and put in a lot of effort and enterprise in getting the second IMPOSSIBILITY CHALLENGER together at the Waitakere Trusts Stadium in Auckland, NZ. The world’s fastest memoriser of binary digits came all the way from Spain! After cracking a few more world records, he gave the public aturn to try, which was real fun. Ramon can reproduce strings of numbers accurately with only a moment’s glimpse and has written a book called “Maximise Your Memory”. His wife, who happens to be the second fastest memoriser of binary digits in the world, was also present. A yoga instructor from India came to do poses whilst balancing on a bike and the disciples of Sri Chinmoy (who organized the whole event) tried to transcend themselves in all kinds of weird and wacky ways. Marianna achieved the fastest one mile wearing swim fins on her feet, Abhijatri and his team made an amazing maze out of cardboard boxes inn the shape of a rose, and Dhiraja led a ten-person origami crane-folding team. There were a lot more World Records or Personal Records smashed and lots of team-building type activities to be involved in! The next IMPOSSIBILITY CHALLENGER will take place in Budapest on October on October 20/21, 2012.

Tomorrow is the San Francisco Earth Day Festival 2011

New on the Earth Day scene this year is Earth Day San Francisco, happening tomorrow April 23rd: a free public event focused on helping our community take action steps toward creating eco-sustainable solutions to our local and global ecological challenges. This robust new educational festival and multi-cultural entertainment event will keynote pressing environmental issues & promote solution oriented community action. Music, performance and well-known speakers & activists will grace our three stages, Earth Day Main Stage, Speaker’s Stage and Earth Mama Stage. Exhibitions, hands on workshops and solution-based talks on eco-green topics are major components of the event in our Permaculture Zone, Alternative Energy Zone, Holistic Wellness Zone and Youth Zone. Join leading members of the business and indigenous communities, artists and artisans, civic community leaders, local “eco-green” politicians, traditional ceremony keepers, workshop leaders, eco-green & youth activists and environmental & social justice organizations in an inspirational day of hands-on local solutions. Founders of Earth Day SF are Green Zone Productions and One World-One Voice, co-producing the event in cooperation with the National Organization for Women, Living Mandala, Solar Living Institute, Raw Bay Area, Visionary Culture, Sustainable Living Roadshow, and with the support of Harmony Festival, Global Exchange, Earth Island Institute, 350.org, Green Kids, Teens Turning Green, Grind for the Green / Green For All, Hope and Beyond and more.

The public will experience interactive learning and art projects, green jobs info, organic food offerings including a Sustainable Feast Raw Food Chef Demo, organic beer and wine tasting, green film festival, cutting edge eco fashion shows, alternative vehicle showcase and much more! Participants have the opportunity to learn how we can all become more connected by creating solutions to pressing environmental issues and learn to live more sustainable, regenerative and meaningful lifestyles…while having FUN!

Is Fruit Meant For Man? – Interview with Daniel Vitalis

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I would like to introduce you to a daily Internet TV show which is called “The Raw Food World”, initiated by Angela Stokes-Monarch and Matt Monarch living in Ecuador and owning one of biggest online shops for raw food items. They are currently at the Longevity Now Conference in Costa Mesa (CA) and share amazing interviews with the people they meet there. In this latest episode Daniel Vitalis answers the question if fruit is really meant for man? He always brings out the simple truths and makes us say… Duh… of course! Enjoy…

Raw Spirit Festival in Arizona

The Raw Spirit Festival, a three-day educational inspirational celebration, is happening at spectacular Watson Lake Park, in the Granite Dells of Prescott, Arizona, September 24 – 26th, 2010. This non-profit community event features two main stages – Lake and Meadow – with uplifting musical performers and dynamic health-eco-peace research presenters amidst stunningly-beautiful natural backdrops. In addition, the Cliffside Rejuvenation Area, featuring an eclectic array of yoga, chi kung, tai chi, pranayama, poetry, prayers, meditation and beyond, is perched atop the lakeside cliff with panoramic vistas of the surreal jagged lake, it’s sheer-rock shores and many enticing islands. Meanwhile, delicious, nutritious organic live food demos and tastings are in the Hilltop Pagoda every hour on the hour with sweeping vistas of the surrounding mountains. Plus, enjoy the Children’s Program, Native Cultural Teepee Program, acoustic music areas, spontaneous sharing circles, dancing, hiking, bicycling, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, healing and massage areas,  organic farmers’ market, Raw Talent Show, Job Fair, Open Mike, quiet temple space, and an exciting display of innovative vendors with a focus on healthy living-eco-art-science-music-spirit-peace including an impressive organic gourmet raw vegan restaurant court. Why focus on natural food, exercise, rest, proximity to nature, communication, creativity, spiritual connection and community service? A few of the commonly reported consequences of living a healthy lifestyle, including adding more fresh organic vegetables and fruits into our diets include: increased energy, joy, stamina, laughter, contentment, clarity, immunity, connection, homeostasis, and strength. More info here: www.rawspirit.com

Canada Pavillon in Shanghai focuses on sustainability

The design and construction of the Canada Pavilion at the Shanghai Expo 2010 (until October 31st) reflects Canadian values of inclusivity, sustainability, and creativity. This three-story structure is the product of collaboration between the Government of Canada and Cirque du Soleil, with building expertise from SNC Lavalin. The curved design creates a large public space that encourages interaction and a community feeling. An angled accessible ramp invites visitors beyond the interior courtyard into the pavilion. A 15 metre by 40 metre green wall of evergreen seedlings is a backdrop to the courtyard. In addition to illustrating a universal desire for green space in urban centres, the green wall also operates as a natural bio air filter. The exterior skin of the pavilion is composed of 4000 m2 of Canadian red cedar, certified by the Canada Wood Association and Canada Wood China. This is an important sustainable aspect of the design. The cedar boards are individually fastened to a steel frame, which allows easy dismantling so the wood can be reused in construction projects following Expo 2010.  The Canada Pavilion public presentation offers visitors a feeling of life in a vibrant, diverse, and green Canadian city. Each individual experience is unique. Every journey through the Living City is personalised by visitors’ imagination and creativity, much the way urban lives are shaped by each individual’s decisions and contributions to the city. The animation and interactive elements of the public presentation are complemented by music and a rich soundscape throughout.

As a thoughtful finale to the journey through the Living City, visitors are immersed in a unique cinematic experience created by Canadian film-maker, Jean-François Pouliot and the National Film Board of Canada on a 150-degree screen. Glimpses: A Human View of the Living City pays visual homage to an ordinary day in the life in a Canadian city. A panorama of images takes visitors on an incredible journey across four seasons. These Canadian moments were captured by Serge Clément and Claude-Simon Langlois, who travelled the country with a small crew in order to capture close to 57,000 unstaged images of people and places. The film evokes a personal story, unique to each viewer.

September 24-26: Longevity Conference in California

At the Longevity Now Conference (from September 24-26 in the Orange County Hilton in Costa Mesa) you will discover how to achieve your ultimate health goals and create an extraordinary quality of life. You will be inspired, educated, and most of all empowered as you create dynamic momentum in vital areas of your life including: health, detoxification, immunity, fitness, and longevity. For three days, world-famous author and health lecturer David Wolfe and a panel of longevity experts will reveal the latest (and most powerful) immunity boosting and detoxification information and technologies that will shave months (if not years) off your learning curve and boost you towards practical application faster than you ever dreamed possible! In this exclusive three-day event, you will join David Wolfe on a journey and discover the latest cutting-edge research on the most powerful superherbs on the planet, learn the latest cutting-edge research on telomere technology which recently won the Nobel Prize and discover the critical role superherbs play in treating viral infections associated with chronic ageing. Dr. Joseph Mercola introduces the most effective forms of physical fitness and training. Find out why the exercise you might be doing isn’t helping you lose weight and gain muscle. Discover what you must NEVER eat before or after you exercise. Learn the importance of the human growth hormone and how to maximize its release in your body. Discover how to use Meridian Tapping to unlock and clear the limiting beliefs and patterns that have been holding you back in your life. Further topics: How to lose weight, gain metabolic energy, immunity, and well-being of your prime youth years at any age, learn how to active your brain and achieve an ageless mind with Learning/Memory Expert Jim Kwik, discover the TOP FIVE brain-boosting foods and supplements you simply cannot go without, learn powerful methods on how to maintain cognitive brain function your entire life, discover the importance of hormonal health and the critical role it plays in weight loss, proper digestion, the way the body stores fat, and energy levels, learn how to repair enzymatic function in your body, which leads to weight loss and learn the critical role serotonin plays in weight loss. Nadine Artemis reveals how essential oils are a powerful tool that activate the immune system, decongest lymph nodes, and stimulate lymph flow. Learn how essential oils have the power to address and reverse a depressed immune system, chronic inflammation, and congested lymph systems.Transform every cell in your body and experience super immunity! Learn how to make simple, easy living food recipes that heal and rejuvinate the body and taste great… More info here: www.thelongevitynowconference.com.