Spiritual concert tour through Ireland

14 students of Sri Chinmoy chose 50 of his mantric songs and performed them in 18 churches, abbeys and holy places in Ireland. Highlights of a very special spiritual concert tour. It took place in April 2016. Enjoy! Filmed and edited by Kedar Misani

Happy New Year with Anoushka Shankar

2012 was not an easy year and many are looking forward to the next year and hope that 2013 will bring a breakthrough in various fields – economically and spiritually. 2012 was also the year we lost a great figure in Indian sitar music, Ravi Shankar. Her daughter Anoushka takes over and at the same time is for many the synonym of this hope for a new world which will emphasize on true values, love and oneness.

Sahana shares her love for Bengal Music on TV

Sahana from London did a live TV chat show for Bangladesh TV UK talking about how she came in contact with Bangla music through Sri Chinmoy and shared her experiences in Bangladesh where she participated in two huge and successful concerts under the motto “Songs of the Soul”. The interviewing lady talks in Bengali  sometimes, but later on the interview is in English. It was also broadcast all over Europe various Bangaldesh channels. This is the first of 3 parts of this very inspiring show. Part 2 is here and part 3 is here.

Virtual choir with 185 voices performing “‘Lux Aurumque”

Composed and conducted by Eric Whitacre; produced by by: Scott Haines, representing 12 Countries: Austria, Argentina, Canada, England, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, The Philippines, Singapore, Spain, Sweden and United States of America. More than 3 million people already watched this amazing performance.

World Festival of the Heart in Melbourne in 2012

So many truly remarkable things are happening in our world today across the entire spectrum of human endeavour. But it is easy to lose sight of this fact when we wake each day to news of more outbreaks of war, civil unrest, economic challenges, natural disasters and loss of life counted in many hundreds and thousands. We seem to be living in times of great change and uncertainty, marked by substantial issues at both local and global levels and yet at the same time by amazing advances in science, technology, humanity and the arts.

The vision for the World Festival of the Heart is to explore some of these developments in three program-packed days in Melbourne, Australia, on 9, 10 and 11 November 2012. The Festival will bring together some of the foremost world figures in spirituality, the sciences and the arts, to celebrate their work and achievements in a spirit of oneness, openness and enquiry and to participate in their remarkable creativity. Many forums have highlighted these current developments but the organizers wanted to do something a little bit different . . . they don’t just want to talk about them, they want to experience them in as many ways as possible with the power of the heart. Their aim is to create a program full of activities: workshops, music, dialogue, devotions, performance, concerts, an expo and a grand forum. Their hope is to transcend our everyday concerns for three days and explore new dimensions of living and wellbeing. The program is designed for anyone who has a passion for life, the world and our future. These are the three major themes for the Festival to explore the interplay and convergence of these disciplines:

The Great Mystery: life, consciousness and the universe
The Universal Heart: recognising the oneness in diversity of all life
Creative Living: making right choices for a healthy, happy and harmonious life

Some of the program activities and topics will include:

  • “Whole-of-festival” sessions where everyone gets to enjoy the morning in the Plenary Auditorium
  • Facilitated discussions where participants and presenters can share their experiences in smaller groups
  • Workshops to get more “hands-on” with ideas, issues and materials
  • Themes based around “living in the heart”:
    • The Great Mystery: life, consciousness and the universe
    • The Universal Heart: recognising the oneness in diversity of all life
    • Creative Living: making right choices for a healthy, happy and harmonious life
  • “Art from the Heart” exhibition of local and international artists
  • Music-making, performances and concerts throughout the Festival program — stay tuned for announcements
  • Forum for the Future feature event with leading figures sharing their vision for the world and bringing together ideas and inspirations for daily living
  • Special childrens’ and youth program
  • HeartMart Expo featuring ideas, products and services for better living
  • State-of-the-art venue at Melbourne Convention Centre

The full program and schedule will be announced later in 2012. Check out the website: www.festivaloftheheart.org and subscribe to the Newsletter to be up-dated and informed. The organizers of the “World Festival of the Heart” extend an invitation to everyone with an interest in improving happiness, health and wellbeing to attend the Festival. The program will develop exciting ways for people of all ages and interests to participate and interact with our presenters, exhibitors and performers. Invited will be exciting presenters, artists, musicians and elders from around the world to participate in a program that will highlight exciting developments in:

  •   World Festival of the Heart Spirituality — heart-based living
  • The Sciences — cosmology, wholistic health, ethology, environment, nature, quantum physics, technology
  • The Arts — music, literature, visual arts, performance

Sri Chinmoy in Finland

In November 1998 peace advocate Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007) visited Finland and unveiled a plaque to commemorate Finland as a Peace-Blossom Nation. He also offered a Peace Concert in Helsinki. This video covers the whole visit. Length: 1:07 h. Produced by kedarvideo Switzerland.

Interview with John Doan: Sharing a Moment in Time through Music

John Doan is a very sensitive and spiritual musician who put his foremost focus on the ancient times and music of the celtics and created the album “Celtic Pilgrimage”. After a concert in Wels Austria (see concert video here: vimeo.com/​25316561, see below. I had the opportunity to interview the artist. Learn the secrets of John’s philosophy and music in this soulful and beautiful interview, entitled “Sharing a Moment in Time through Music”. Length: 40:26 min. The background music is taken from the mentioned performance in Wels. More info on the artist: johndoan.com

John Doan: Celtic Pilgrimage in Austria

Witness John Doan’s Celtic Pilrimage with his Harp Guitar, through centuries of ancient tales and music. This is a live recording at the Kornspeicher in Wels, Austria in May 2011. Guest singer was Rija. Length: 1:11:19. Produced by kedarvideo, Switzerland on JVC-GH-HM100, GH1 and GH2.

Royal Albert Hall Concert of Boris Purushottama Grebenshikov now online

The big concert event of Russian Musician Boris Purushottama Grebenshikov in the Royal Albert Hall in London is now online on YouTube in its full length of 2:16:38 h. He is one of the most prolific contemporary soulful pop musicians. Enjoy!