Interview with Saar Wilf – intiativeQ

saarwilf-150x150If you are not sure if you should join the initiativeQ e-mal list, building a base for a newworld-wide payment system, the listen to this interview with the founder Saar Wilf here: If you are already convinced you can join through my personal invitation link:

At the moment already 3 milllion people from around the world already participated. It starts like this: you get an invitation link (see mine below) and join. You are then asked to give your name, your e-mail and a PW with 8 digits, 2 of them being a capital and a small letter. Then you get a code by mailQ to complete your registration. Next step: you get verified by the person who invited you and are then allowed to invite 5, then 10 and then 15 people (alltogether 30 people); future tasks will be announced. As many people missed the start of crypto currencies like Bitcoin, why not join this digital currency at an early state. The earlier you join, the higher the reward bonus. Anyway you cannot lose something, no money is involved so why not give it a chance and participate!