Undoing Aging 2019 in Berlin

Picture Undoing Aging 2019 is not only open to the scientific community, but welcomes all interested members of the broader rejuvenation movement. The conference will feature a student poster session showing the work of innovative undergraduate and graduate students in the field of damage repair.

“Undoing Aging 2018 was a triumphant success, with SENS Research Foundation and Forever Healthy Foundation combining to bring rejuvenation biotechnology meetings to Europe with a bang. I am overjoyed that Michael Greve and his team have decided to make these conferences an annual event; the quality and quantity of current research in this field amply justifies the transition from the biannual schedule that I pursued in Cambridge last decade. I’m looking forward to helping make UA2019 every bit as memorable as its predecessor”, said Dr. Aubrey de Grey, CSO of SENS Research Foundation.

“Forever Healthy is a vanguard supporter of SRF research programs and rejuvenation biotechnology start-ups. We are very excited to work with SRF on Undoing Aging,” stated Michael Greve, founder, and CEO of the Forever Healthy Foundation. “Forever Healthy has two key goals for this conference: To support the remarkable scientific community already working on repair of age-related damage and to create an unique opportunity for the broader scientific world to experience that the possibility of bringing aging under complete, genuine medical control is realistic, achievable, and, indeed, beginning to happen.“

To register for Undoing Aging 2019 and to learn more about the conference, please visit undoing-aging.org