Sharing Loving-Kindness after each Meditation


The world is moving fast and a lot is being manipulated. What can each of us do? If you have your daily meditations, preferably twice a day, close your meditation at 6:30 am and 9:30 pm by sharing LOVING-KINDNESS to the world around you, preferably to the whole humanity, by saying or reading the following words:

– May I – YOU – WE – ALL – be safe from inner and outer harm.
– May I – YOU – WE – ALL – be filled with loving-kindness.
– May I – YOU – WE – ALL – beings live in peace and harmony.

Your spreading LOVING-KINDNESS is making a very big difference. Look at the this map of Europe. Regardless where you are situated by sharing LOVING-KINDNESS light will rise up in the morphogenetic field and incorporates a free energy for all living beings. Lets join together in sharing LOVING-KINDNESS and move the world into inner peace. LOVING-KINDNESS is known and practised in the Buddhist world for more than 2000 years under the term Mettā.

– Upasika Elsbeth


One thought on “Sharing Loving-Kindness after each Meditation

  1. So kind so cool…if everyone do follow your guiding here.. surely we all bring the world into peace… rejoice to your merit..Sathu sathu sathu.

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