First Statue of Sri Chinmoy in India


On November 10, 2013 a Statue of Sri Chinmoy, called ‘Dreamer of World Peace’, was installed at the Kala Academy in the city of Panaji. It was donated as a beautiful sculpture, a work of art by Kaivalya Torpy from Great Britain. After a wonderful and inspiring ceremony the statue was permanently installed in a beautiful grove next to the Mandavi River, which then flows into the Arabian Sea nearby. It is the first Statue of Sri Chinmoy in India, his native land. In accepting the Statue for the Kala Academy, Mr. Vishnu Wagh, the Chairman of the Academy, said that this statue brings not only beauty to the Academy but Divinity as well. The Peace Torch was passed around the audience of over 50 people who attended and later it made its way to a local track and a school. The photo shows Ashok, a local disciple of Sri Chinmoy with the Peace Torch at the statue site. – Arpan


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