RAWlicious – Raw Food Seminar in Zurich

Learn about the benefits of raw foods and how to incorporate more raw and delicious foods into your daily life for better health, vitality and well-being. In this class you will learn how to prepare various raw food dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Basic knife skills and proper use of helpful kitchen equipment will also be covered. All recipes are demonstrated live, can be sampled and are included in the seminar’s handouts.

Come and learn:

  • how to consume the officially recommended minimum of five portions fruits and vegetables per day easily in one meal
  • how to make fresh and delicious nut milks
  • how to prepare a creamy vegetable soup in less than 10 minutes
  • how to make leafy greens delicious and tender without losing nutrients through cooking
  • how to quickly prepare tasty burgers from scratch and without a frying pan
  • how to turn nuts and seeds into tasty and satiating protein-rich pâtés
  • how to make fresh vegetable-spaghetti so you can enjoy gluten-free pasta
  • how to whip up a chocolate mousse without heavy butter, cream or eggs
  • how to quickly prepare a delicious cake, lactose-free banana ice cream and sweets without sugar
  • and much more …

Where: VEGELATERIA, Müllerstrasse 64, 8004 Zürich, contact Raffael for registration: 0041 76 506 51 24.
When: December 1, 2013 from 12 pm to 6 pm
Language: English


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