26th Swim Marathon on the Lake of Zurich

In August 2013 the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team organized its 26th International Self-Transcendence Marathon Swim on the Lake of Zurich. Enjoy the highlights of one of the most treasured swimming competitions, for which the participants have to wait years to be accepted (Video by Kedar Misani). A longer version is available as a DVD.

50 solo-swimmers and 24 relay teams from all over the world started early in the morning in Rapperswil with the goal to reach Zurich within 12 hours by swimming nonstop. In the beginning the sky was a bit cloudy but soon the sun came to the fore and the air temperature climbed up to 28° (82° F) with a water temperature of 24-25,5° (73-78° F). At around 11 am a heavy storm front appeared to hit the Lake of Zurich but miraculously it passed by very sharply. First to reach Zu- rich was Oliver Wilkinson (GB) in 6:56:36 h. The fastest team was „SC Thalwil“ (CH) in 7:09:50 h. There were two re- cords in the Masters’ categories (over 40 years): Patti Bauernfeind (US) placed first in the the women’s category “Mas- ters without wetsuit” in 7:53:34 h. The second record was set by Friderike Wachs (DE) with 8:14:22 h in the women’s cate- gory „Masters with wetsuit“.


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