New book on Sport and Meditation

The Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team released a brand-new version of the book “Sport & Meditation – The inner Dimension of Sport” in English. It mainly quotes Sri Chinmoy in his numerous statements on the subject with photos and many poems. The book presents itself in a modern layout and gives you many insights that have never been published before. As a teaser please read this foreword by Olivier Bernhard from Switzerland, winner of 6 Ironman races, 3-time Duathlon Champion and a Triathlon Coach:

For me, sport is meditation. Athletes in many sports speak about experiencing a state of energy flow when being in perfect balance with their mind and body. It is a state where pain and fatigue do not exist. I can still remember, it was at the Duathlon World Championships, I was getting off the bike to put my running shoes on. The first time I realised that I was running, I had already passed the 10 k mark. It felt like my body was not touching the surface of the road at any time. I was sure that I was just dreaming it. I had tears in my eyes. I was not pushing myself nor was I aware of being in a very important race. I felt as if outside of my body and felt that somehow I myself was not performing. Those very special and rare inner moments still mean a lot to me. All of my life any sport activity has been connected with strong passion. As a child I had the urge to run around and be outside most of the day. Later, as a professional athlete, I realised that besides the physical there is another higher level. Some call it the mental, some call it the heart or soul, or even a dimension beyond that. By becoming conscious of this inner dimension and by training it, I overcame obstacles that I could not have overcome if I had trained the body only. I soon experienced that true sports is not just pushing your body to new limits. To become a complete athlete you have to train your inner capacities with the same intensity and at the same time as you train your body. As an athlete you can only achieve the impossible when being in balance with your body, mind and heart. Let’s take the Olympic Games. All athletes standing at the starting line are close to the same level of performance. The one who meditates and is in perfect balance with him/herself therefore has a better chance to overcome possible obstacles.

Throughout my entire career I came to the following conclusion: the longer the race, the more you have to draw energy from your inner athlete. The outer athlete will fade and is going to knock on your head after four to six hours – “Hey, I am hurting here, I am tired. Just stop and rest for a moment!” You need to be able to control and calm your mind. Always be aware of your abilities and believe in your strengths and never let go of your focus towards the true goal. During races I have often observed athletes’ faces being stressed. It has been one of my keys to success never to show how my legs felt. I did this by having a relaxed face all the time. Don’t tighten up and don’t force it too hard. Let it happen, it’s not just you! You have all the forces of the universe that will support you if you open up. People have often asked me before a race: “Will you break the existing record?” But that’s not the point! It’s not about any records, it’s about the best you can be! As long as I reached my full potential I would be happy at the finish. Not because of the time or place or record but because I was pleased with the performance I achieved. It’s not about winning, it’s not about money, it’s about making constant progress and becoming a better person on the lasting journey. – Olivier Bernhard

Sport & Meditation, Sri Chinmoy, The Golden Shore Verlag Nürnberg, 198 S., ISBN 978-3-89532-213-6, English (A German Edition is planned at a later state). Available in Switzerland from Vallabah Kaul:

One thought on “New book on Sport and Meditation

  1. I am a sport psychology coach, and counselor , a regular meditator. I wish to know more about shri Chinmoy ‘s book ‘sport and meditation”. I want to know about its availability in India.

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