Grahak Cunningham wins this year’s 3100 mile race in Queens, NY

Grahak with Sri Chinmoy at an earlier 3100-miles race

The morning is cool here at the 3100 mile race in Queens, NY, a perfect day to run.  A lid of clouds has slipped across the sky, at least for now, to protect this little patch of earth from a fierce July sun. 43 days ago, way back in June, Grahak began his journey here, by this afternoon he will make one last grand circuit of the course and he will need run no more. What comes now for Grahak is the slow and gradual reentry into the world that you and I and the rest of humanity inhabit.  One that he so powerfully dashed away from back in June.  In one day more the calender peels back another page and will reveal August.  A clear note that the dreamy end of a New York summer is fast approaching. From now on, with the inevitable blessings of each new day he will gradually heal from all the pain and hurt he has heaped willingly upon himself.  The angry terrible rash that has erupted across his flesh will gradually succumb to the certain soothing cure of long baths, dips in the sea, and the dreamy embrace of real rest.   Spread out across the long sweet endless enchantment of a full night in a bed. It is the world we nearly all call heaven. But for 43 days Grahak and for 10 others heaven was listening not to slumber’s enticement but to the clear clarion call of his inner pilot.  To sleeplessly travel far beyond the realms of the possible and then on towards the miraculous shores of Self Transcendence.  He got there not by his own fierce determination but with the inner strength that comes from within, to aid and guide all those who seek out,  and surrender themselves fully to higher goals. Now he and the goal are one, after striving tirelessly for 43 days, his prize is that he has once again transcended himself for a 4th time here.  The fog of time will come and dim this bright immortal moment from his eyes.  His tremendous record setting experience will gradually fade back into shadowed memory and photographs.  Yet what cannot be removed from his heart is that he has truly and deeply tasted  satisfaction in a way that we cannot.  Gone father and higher than you and I have ever dared to attempt.  And if tomorrow we look at him and think that he is just like us we will be wrong.  For he has reached and touched the divine reality that most of us are not even aware of.  If his feet have not fully and firmly planted themselves on perfection’s shore he has at least made long strides toward it.

Shortly after crossing the finish line he says:

“I want to thank Sri Chinmoy for running with us every step of the way.  Obviously this is Sri Chinmoy’s journey and a pilgrimage we all undertake together, and I am so grateful for finishing.”

Read more on Utpal’s Blog.

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