Meditation-Silence: New episode no. 26 is now online

The 26th episode of the series Meditation-Silence is now online. The theme: Correct meditation. And here is the text of the episode, taken from the book “Wings of Joy” by Sri Chinmoy: “If you are meditating properly, you will feel spontaneous inner joy and peace within and without. But if you feel mental tension or disturbance, then the kind of meditation that you are doing is not meant for you. If you have a good meditation, you will have a good feeling for the world. You will see the world in a loving way in spite of its teeming imperfections. Also if you have a dynamic feeling right after your meditation, if you feel that you have come to do something and become something – to grow into God’s very image and become His dedicated instrument – this indicates that you have had a good meditation.” – The meditation sequence shows Sri Chinmoy meditating during the famous first Peace Concert in Cologne in 1984. Video by Kedar Misani; narration by Kanan Roberts.


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