Another Guinness Record attempt by Ashrita in Brazil…

This Thursday, he will attempt to better his own underwater rope jumping record – which stands at 900 in an hour – at an aquarium in Brazil, in a tank filled with manatees. He will be assisted with scuba gear when skipping. Mr Furman, 57, originally from Brooklyn, New York, was born the same year the Guinness Book of Records was conceived as well as the year Roger Bannister broke the four-minute mile. His record-breaking fascination began when he met Sri Chinmoy, a Bengali guru, in 1964, who challenged him to “break records”, according to his trusted collaborator Bippin Larkin. The pair hold records, for among other things, the quickest time for a mile-long piggy back (12 minutes, 47 seconds). The guru gave Mr Furman, originally called Keith, his new name, which means “protected by God”. “I’m trying to show others that our human capacity is unlimited if we can truly believe in ourselves,” he said on his website. Recent records he holds include juggling on a pogo stick the furthest distance (4 miles 30 feet), and the fastest miles while balancing a milk bottle on top of his head (7 mins 47 seconds). In all, he has set 384 official records since 1979, according to his website. (Source:


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