Mystical Shadows – A Video by Kent Tate

Excerpt from the “Wall of Earth & Sky.” Audio: Remixed satellite recordings. Locations shown in this preview: Dinosaur, Writing-on-Stone, Alberta. Capitol Reef, Canyonlands, Glen Canyon, Utah. The story for me is in how light contrasts the absence of light in shaping forms within a given frame of time and space. The presence of shadows for instance on a landscape is largely determined by three factors: wind speed, the distance of the clouds from a particular location and the angle of the Sun in relation to that location. The density and volume of water that comprises a cloud also effects how dark or how large a shadow will appear. While the time of day along with suspended particulates such as dust, smoke, and industrial pollution determines how clearly all this can be seen. Occasionally I’ll be amazed when I return to a place I am familiar with only to see it as something entirely new because of a particular light condition that is occurring. This can be especially dramatic with landscapes that reveal the many layers of time. Places where I can imagine worlds that have passed, worlds that are present, and worlds that are yet to be. – Kent Tate


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