Impossibility Challenger in Auckland: Fun records to enjoy

Budhsamudra and his team did a great job and put in a lot of effort and enterprise in getting the second IMPOSSIBILITY CHALLENGER together at the Waitakere Trusts Stadium in Auckland, NZ. The world’s fastest memoriser of binary digits came all the way from Spain! After cracking a few more world records, he gave the public aturn to try, which was real fun. Ramon can reproduce strings of numbers accurately with only a moment’s glimpse and has written a book called “Maximise Your Memory”. His wife, who happens to be the second fastest memoriser of binary digits in the world, was also present. A yoga instructor from India came to do poses whilst balancing on a bike and the disciples of Sri Chinmoy (who organized the whole event) tried to transcend themselves in all kinds of weird and wacky ways. Marianna achieved the fastest one mile wearing swim fins on her feet, Abhijatri and his team made an amazing maze out of cardboard boxes inn the shape of a rose, and Dhiraja led a ten-person origami crane-folding team. There were a lot more World Records or Personal Records smashed and lots of team-building type activities to be involved in! The next IMPOSSIBILITY CHALLENGER will take place in Budapest on October on October 20/21, 2012.


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