Carl Lewis: His toughest Run

If this were just a story about a man named Carl, it would barely warrant mention. After all, what’s so special about a successful businessman who, at the age of 50, decides to enter politics, running as a Democrat for New Jersey state Senate in the district where he grew up? Except of course, this is not merely Carl, but Carl Lewis, the most accomplished track and field athlete in history, a nine-time Olympic gold medal winner whose face has adorned magazine covers and Wheaties boxes. And his entry has turned the 8th District state Senate race — normally a humdrum affair between two people unknown outside a small area of South Jersey — into some of the best recent political theater in the state, with charges of illegality, dirty politicking, and excessive partisanship flying across party lines. Read more: (Photo: AP). – And there is another article on Carl’s political career in today’s “Daily News”.


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