Dr. Burzynski succesfully fights cancer since 35 years

Of course, there have been other substances going back even farther that have been claimed to cure cancer, such as Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s orgone energy. However, Dr. Burzynski’s treatment has been scrutinized scientifically for decades and, from this video, seems to be quite effective. According to Burzynski’s proponents, an apparent cure for many forms of cancer – peptides called “antineoplastons” – has been known for some 35 years but allegedly has been battled against and suppressed by governmental agencies and medical authorities since that time. The Wikipedia article about Dr. Burzynski’s work asserts, “The clinical efficacy of these treatments has been established in Phase II clinical trials, and is now in Phase III trials.” (Based on a press release from Burzynski’s research institute.) This documentary film is available for free until June 20th 2011, after which time it will be for sale, with the proceeds used to help get FDA approval of his treatment. (This video has broken all viewer records on vimeo.com; it has been watched by 282,000 people in 5 days! – Blog Editor’s Note)


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