Aotearaw – First Raw Vegetarian Restaurant in Auckland

Nandana and I are really excited about opening a Raw food enterprise in Auckland (New Zealand), it is her brain child as she has been in the Raw food world for quite a few years now and has inspired many others to eat Raw etc… There are many aspects to the enterprise, the main feature is Raw food prepared, packaged and labeled to be wholesaled and distributed through Health food stores and supermarkets. Basically any processed conventional foods found on supermarket shelves can be prepared in a Raw way, so the potential is unlimited for variation of products which can be prepared. From Breakfast foods to desserts, meals on the run, athletic performance nutrition, snacks, beverages, superfoods, nuts, seeds, herbs etc. Raw food is always alive, Fresh, full of vitality and gourmet. The final inspiration came from running the 3100 mile race on a raw vegan diet as it proved the potential and healing/recovery from such a refined diet was possible. My energy levels were high and constant not suffering from effects from sugar spikes and fatigue from over stimulation.

As a side line to the wholesale network we will have our products on our shelves available for purchase (retail) on-site as well as a cafe’ aspect serving Raw food and we’ll cheat with coffee (specialty coffee) as it’s such a commercial draw card in New Zealand. We also have a consultation room for nutritionists and naturopaths etc and we will be hosting a running club/races from the premise also. The venue can be used for seminars talks, health food programs and pot luck dinners for the Raw food community. The name Aotearaw comes from “Aotearoa” which is the native Maori name of New Zealand meaning “The Land of the long white cloud”. Kiwis are very patriotic people and proud of their homeland so from a commercial marketing standpoint it’s a strong name to bounce off. We changed the roa at the end of the name to Raw for obvious reasons.

We hope to have the kitchen side of the cafe open for wholesale business within the next week or so and then the cafe should follow in the next 4 – 6 weeks. 🙂  Its fun and inspiring 🙂  we are really trying to link Athletic performance nutrition and high levels of health with gourmet deliciously prepared foods. -Dharbhasana


15 thoughts on “Aotearaw – First Raw Vegetarian Restaurant in Auckland

  1. Please could you contact me re raw food demonstrations at our Parnell Farmers Market?
    09 3792095 ext 9714

    1. 1. Aotearaw is a wholesale raw food producer and distributer that has
      just started producing packaged raw food (like, from two weeks ago when
      they finished constructing their extremely cool packaging) and they are
      working hard on getting this out to retail outlets (The Blue Bird being
      one of them.) The food is being made at 117 Trafalgar Street in
      Onehunga, Auckland which is also the premises for their second raw food

      2. Celestial Garden (I think that that is the name that they have
      settled upon but this has still not been finalised) is going to be a
      raw food café at the same premises. Construction has been completed on
      it and it is very beautiful. It now has to be decorated and stocked
      with tables and chairs and all of the paraphernalia associated with
      cafes, and Nandana is doing this. However the work on getting Aotearaw
      up and running has slowed down her progress there. (They wanted to keep
      the two enterprises separate so that is why they are not going to name
      the café the same as the wholesale raw food business.) Celestial Garden
      held an introductory evening to the raw food community in Auckland on
      Saturday evening with a presentation by the Sri Chinmoy Centre and a raw food
      pot-luck dinner. (These people will form the main core of their
      business when they open.)

  2. Your raw food treats are wonderful! Delicious, nutricious, and loaded with love & high consciousness. I especially love the spiced bananas, the garlic almonds, and the chocolate covered power bites. I have been ordering from Huckleberry Farms.You guys have great taste and make nutricious food a delight to enjoy. My very best to you both. Consider opening a restaurant in Kerikeri! Namaste!

  3. Tena korua,
    I am a keen raw fooder and would like to sample your menu, I hope to travel from Kawhia where I live to visit your restaurant maybe tomorrow 6th September 2011.
    Look forward to meeting you guys.

    NA Jaky

  4. I met Nandana when I popped my head into the Trafalgar Street cafe yesterday. Am so excited to have you walking distance from home!! Have been dabbling into raw food recently starting juicing etc, and went to a workshop, so can’t wait for my new local to kick off. Congratulations and I’m absolutely sure it will be a roaring success!! Shelley

  5. I had lunch at Celestial Garden Cafe today. I ate the Pad Thai which was delicious. SO fresh and like nothing I’d eaten before. The decor is fresh and immaculate. Lovely gentle music in the background helped add to the lovely atmosphere. I certainly will be returning.

  6. Fabulous food lovingly prepared and served. Beautiful decor. Looking forward to evening and weekend opening 🙂

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