December 21: Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse and Solstice

This morning there was a special spectacle in the sky: we had a solstice, a full moon and a a lunar eclipse at the same time. This happened last time in the year 1703!

The full Moon, and its total eclipse on this longest night of the year is timed perfectly to give us all a quiet time when the world sleeps, and to synchronize countless people’s efforts to harmonize with each other. Try as much as possible during the eclipse to surround yourself with and focus on the aspects of your experience that bring you your deepest feelings of love and joy. Your family, your people, The Earth, Love for all others, love for this. This is a unique opportunity to sow the seeds of change in our minds. You can make this eclipse a memorable experience, share this with your Family and Friends, especially the young ones. This could help teach future generations how to achieve unity globally. We wish you the most Peace and Happyness in life and hope to feel your presence during the shadow of the eclipse. (Source: vharoldster/YouTube)


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