On the benefits of lemons

Lemons are sometimes missed as being a one-note fruit: seen as wedges dangling on the side of a glass at one’s favorite restaurant or as round slices suspended in a pitcher of refreshing lemonade. But lemons offer so much more to one’s household. In fact, it’s surprising that lemons aren’t more revered than they already are.

Cooking: Sure, everyone thinks in the abstract about cooking with lemons, but how many people actually use lemons as food on a regular basis? Using lemons in food is almost a no-brainer when one looks at the nutrients one of these little yellow balls of citrus packs. Just one cup of this fruit contains 187% of the Recommended Daily Value of Vitamin C, but it also has 6 grams of fiber, a few B vitamins, and plenty of minerals, such as potassium.

More than that, though, lemons add a flavor to foods that not many other foods can do. It adds a zesty yet sweet flavor that packs a punch. It’s hard not to notice a lemon’s contribution to the foods it’s used in. Freshly-squeezed lemon juice can be used as a stand-in for vinegar in salad dressings or even alone on salads for a light, tangy, clean flavor. It’s also a nice addition to vegetable and rice stir fries. It doesn’t just have to be for beverages anymore.

Beauty Aid: Lemons have a huge place in the world of beauty. Lemons can be used as a natural deodorant or as a facial cleanser or toner. They have also been used for years to bleach elbows, but they are also a natural way to bleach hair, if someone so desired. They can also be used as a scalp and/or hair treatment, to exfoliate skin, for blemishes, and for bleaching and strengthening fingernails and toenails. Finally, lemons can also freshen a person’s breath. Many people would agree they are a lot better than those minty mouthwashes.

Health: Yes, lemons are used for food, and they can be used to clean one’s house and to create inexpensive healthy alternatives to a variety of beauty products. But what about health? Aside from the nutrients in lemon that are ingested when a person eats one, what other health benefits do lemons offer?

Ann Heustad, RN, states that not only does lemon help with a host of digestive problems, but that it can also help with intestinal issues as well. Lemon is not only a cleansing agent in the kitchen; it’s a cleansing agent in the body. It aids the body in removing toxins, and it literally cleans from head to toe. Heustad also explains how lemon is good for the liver, and it can be used as a remedy for everything from a sore throat to stomach ulcers. Theresa Cheung suggests that lemons can also be used to help ease anxiety and fevers and fight off bugs like cold and flu when ingested and used topically. She also recommends them as a cure for skin-related ailments, such as corns, calluses, eczema, and more. With all the versatile uses for lemons, it’s easy to see that every household should buy lemons by the bag. Lemons are terrific when used in beverages, but nature intended them to be for so much more. They’re wonderful when used in cooking, in household cleaning, as a beauty aid, and for one’s health. So stock up and make room in the fridge for one of the most wonderful of fruits! (Source: NaturalNews.com)


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