Impossibility Challenger 2010: 15 new Records

Yoga is healthy and relaxing. But doing 41 yoga asanas and stretching exercises in 5 minutes 19 seconds and 31 poses in 4 minutes 5 seconds balancing on a BMX Bike without touching the ground is a challenge. Khiv Raj Gurjar came from Jodhpur in India all the way to Germany and set these world records in Dachau near Munich. The 58-year-old, who studied yoga since the age of 13, balanced also for 11 minutes 18 seconds on a BMX Bike without contact with the ground. His three world records were part of the 17th “Impossibility Challenger” organised by the Sri Chinmoy Centres. This weekend 11 participants from 7 countries set 15 new records on the grounds of the sports club ASV.

Axes are good for felling trees or mauling wood. But did you ever think that they are good for juggling? By juggling with 3 axes 53 times 51-year-old Milan Roskopf from Bratislava (Slovakia) improved his old world record by 18 times. The 36-year-old Canadian whistled songs of Sri Chinmoy, the founder of the Impossibility Challenger, for 24 hours. Indian born Sri Chinmoy composed over 21,000 songs during his lifetime. In 1995, with thousands fewer compositions, India’s renowned Limca Book of Records listed Sri Chinmoy as the world’s most prolific song composer of all times. The 18-year-old German Christian Schaefer tore 36 regular size envelopes in 30 seconds (old record: 26), blew a stamp with his mouth over a 100 metre long course in 3 minutes and 4 seconds – 4 minutes and 25 seconds faster than his predecessor – and memorized 207 binary numbers (old record 132) in one minute. Ranjit Pal (48) from Phagwara in India set a world record in his age category with the most rope skips in one minute. He did more than 4 rope skips in one second – a total of unbelievable 276. Rainer Schroeder from Altenburg near Leipzig in Germany has a tough neck. The East-German set a world record by bending a 44 cm long and 1 cm thick bar of construction steel from straight to 39 degrees with bare hands at his neck. The 49-year-old broke also a 3 mm steel chain by stretching his body in 5 seconds. The steel chain was wound around his waist and on the other end fixed at a steel plate on which he stood. – a second world record for Schroeder.

The 17th Impossibility Challenger was organized by the Sri Chinmoy Centres. The peace visionary, composer and athlete Sri Chinmoy (1931 -2007) initiated the Impossibility Challenger in 1982 to inspire people to experience the joy which comes into existence, when one competes only with oneself to increase one’s own capacities and inspires therewith others. Sri Chinmoy himself set many weightlifting world records and transcended them with increasing age.


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