After the Earthquake: Oneness and support for Christchurch residents

Bhuvah, a resident  of Christchuch sent in this report on the situation in Christchurch:  We are all absolutely fine including our enterprises where we work. It has been an “interesting” time as there was no anticipation of an earthquake in Christchurch and the constant aftershocks, which number in the hundreds now, have kept us on edge all week. Prior to last Saturday, Christchurch city and its environs had only experienced 3 moderate earthquakes in the last 40 years. Although we have been most fortunate, we are saddened by many of our dear customer-friends sad experiences of loss. At the same time we are gladdened that not a single life has been lost – there are numerous miracle stories of people escaping injury thanks to divine intervention and divine protection. At the same time there is a tremendous feeling of oneness in the air – the feeling of oneness that is created from an entire city sharing the same intense experience at the same moment and also the feeling of oneness and support from the rest of the country and internationally. Thousands of students and many other members of the community have been putting in a great effort by helping in a range of ways following the earthquake and support is coming from around the country. Earthquakes in New Zealand occur because we are located on the boundary of two of the world’s major tectonic plates: the Pacific Plate and the Australian Plate. These plates are colliding with huge force, causing one to slowly grind over, under or alongside the other. As intense as they can be, earthquakes have helped create New Zealand’s varied and beautiful landscape through complex processes of mountain building and erosion.


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