2nd International Day of Juice Feasting

Join Dave The Raw Food Trucker, Matt Monarch and Angela Stokes-Monarch, Elaina Love, and other juice feasting experts, as they share their amazing stories of healing and teach about the healing benefits of live, green vegetable juicing. Take part in an interactive web Q and A, AND learn about “Wild Grass Juicing.” We’ll hear from a Pharmacognocist about the nutritional components of Cereal Grasses, as well as from people with successful healing stories. We’ll hold a toast for “The Wild Grass Messiah” – Piter Caizer, thanking him for sharing his extensive knowledge of “grass juicing” with us and the world! It all happens on Sept 12, 2010, at the International Day Of Juice Feasting in Shoreline, WA (USA) or LIVE online on www.ustream.com. Time: noon – 4 pm PST.


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