August affirmations by Gary Quinn

In his latest Newsletter Californian coach, best-seller author and workshop leader Gary Quinn compares us with royal beings. He says, “When we engage with the “how” of creation instead of the “what” we interfere with the Universal flow. If we compare ourselves to royalty, as children of the Universe, we are entitled to all its precious gifts and resources. We need to learn to consider ourselves deserving of our desires as would a member of the royal family. A king does not concern himself with the “how” of getting things done; he simply gives his command and expects it to be execute it. This is the most effective way for us to achieve the results we want.” Then he proposes 3 affirmations for the coming month:

1. Today, I open my heart and mind to discover my greater truth.

2. Today, I look within to release myself from the affect that others have upon me.

3. Today, I say “yes” to the good in my life as it now appears.

More infos on his workshops in Japan, England, Ireland and Holland on his website:


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