September 24-26: Longevity Conference in California

At the Longevity Now Conference (from September 24-26 in the Orange County Hilton in Costa Mesa) you will discover how to achieve your ultimate health goals and create an extraordinary quality of life. You will be inspired, educated, and most of all empowered as you create dynamic momentum in vital areas of your life including: health, detoxification, immunity, fitness, and longevity. For three days, world-famous author and health lecturer David Wolfe and a panel of longevity experts will reveal the latest (and most powerful) immunity boosting and detoxification information and technologies that will shave months (if not years) off your learning curve and boost you towards practical application faster than you ever dreamed possible! In this exclusive three-day event, you will join David Wolfe on a journey and discover the latest cutting-edge research on the most powerful superherbs on the planet, learn the latest cutting-edge research on telomere technology which recently won the Nobel Prize and discover the critical role superherbs play in treating viral infections associated with chronic ageing. Dr. Joseph Mercola introduces the most effective forms of physical fitness and training. Find out why the exercise you might be doing isn’t helping you lose weight and gain muscle. Discover what you must NEVER eat before or after you exercise. Learn the importance of the human growth hormone and how to maximize its release in your body. Discover how to use Meridian Tapping to unlock and clear the limiting beliefs and patterns that have been holding you back in your life. Further topics: How to lose weight, gain metabolic energy, immunity, and well-being of your prime youth years at any age, learn how to active your brain and achieve an ageless mind with Learning/Memory Expert Jim Kwik, discover the TOP FIVE brain-boosting foods and supplements you simply cannot go without, learn powerful methods on how to maintain cognitive brain function your entire life, discover the importance of hormonal health and the critical role it plays in weight loss, proper digestion, the way the body stores fat, and energy levels, learn how to repair enzymatic function in your body, which leads to weight loss and learn the critical role serotonin plays in weight loss. Nadine Artemis reveals how essential oils are a powerful tool that activate the immune system, decongest lymph nodes, and stimulate lymph flow. Learn how essential oils have the power to address and reverse a depressed immune system, chronic inflammation, and congested lymph systems.Transform every cell in your body and experience super immunity! Learn how to make simple, easy living food recipes that heal and rejuvinate the body and taste great… More info here:


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