June 21: Today is Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice has arrived, so it is time to breathe, relax, and be sensual; it is time to become fully embodied. Because the spring season was so characterized by exponential evolution, letting down will be difficult this summer unless you assess the great changes in your life and in the world. Otherwise, you will be very confused because so much is going on, just so much chatter. It could be so easy to miss the summer’s potential to help flesh out and deepen what you’ve been creating. Take a look at your Spring Equinox intentions to see how you are doing, and also take note of other things you are involved in that you didn’t even plan on. Something very new is going on: In light of this spring’s tripling of time acceleration, are you beginning to see that you and the planetary collective are capable of critical leaps that you never really imagined before? Are you beginning to feel that you are capable of advancing to levels beyond what you previously thought were possible? You must be wondering whether this great acceleration during spring 2010 is going to increase even more? Astrologically, due to coming eclipses with Grand Squares, it looks like the unique spring expansion will lock into entirely new forms during summer 2010. Each special creation we are bringing forth is going to explode from within and pop out into geometrical configurations of great beauty; these patterns will form new matrixes in reality that can hold new evolutionary potential. This will be the ecstatic origami summer, the period when 6D descends down into 3D in all the areas of life where we’ve each cultivated new potential.

For followers of the 260-day Tzolkin Calendar, this Solstice is a propitious season. The second-to-the-last 260-day round before the end of the Calendar begins with One Manik on June 22. Then the final round opens March 22, 2011, during the Universal Underworld with One Ahau, and it ends with the fabled Thirteen Ahau on October 28, 2011. The Tzolkin Round beginning June 22 is a 260-day cycle during which we can access personal freedom by overcoming personal shortcomings, and then the last Round beginning in March 2011 is the Enlightenment cycle. The new forms in our minds that activated during the spring are vibrant in the Mists of Platonia (see Alchemy of Nine Dimensions), and this summer is the time to pull them down through our species into the solid world. I’ve never seen anything like the wild, creative, and cosmically formative astrology during this summer season (as well as the Tzolkin Round synchronicity). However, like any great evolutionary leap (such as the Renaissance, with which we are resonating in its early stages now!), we must bear the pain of the death of the old forms as the light increases. In the long sonnet of creation that began 16.4 billion years ago, all the corresponding points during previous Night Sixes are vibrating and changing all levels of life. Our part is to know what is in our minds. The 2010 Solstice reading contains the most ominous, challenging, and potent messages I have ever seen in any seasonal chart-and remember its influence holds all the way to the Fall Equinox. These are the times that challenge our souls, yet I have no doubts that greatness will emerge. In the chart for the Summer Solstice, the Sun moves into Cancer and opposes Pluto, while Pluto squares Jupiter/Uranus which are opposing Saturn. That is, summer intensification arrives in the frequency field of a Grand Square in early cardinal signs (except for Saturn in late Virgo racing for cardinal Libra). During this Solstice, the Cardinal Crunch goes into first gear and culminates during the next New Moon on July 11, a total solar eclipse. When planets are in early cardinal signs, we are initiating a whole new creative phase as the old forms collapse, and the Grand Square locks in this new phase. Grand Squares are rare astrological configurations that force us to totally change ourselves by integrating the great creative potential of oppositions.

The Sun moving into Cancer radiates the desire to nurture and be nurtured as the Goddess awakens in Earth. Directing this womb-like nest, the close square from Jupiter/Uranus in Aries proposes we have the resources (Jupiter) and the creativity (Uranus) to imagine a new world now; and since these planets are in Aries, we will act on this vision. There can be no lying to ourselves or avoidance with Jupiter/Uranus in such a close square to the Solstice Sun, especially since the Sun exactly squares Uranus during the evening of the Solstice. This intense square will shake out the angry people who resist changing our world. Pluto in Capricorn, courageously leading the ultimate transformation of our world for the next twenty years, is right there opposing the Solstice Sun; Pluto demands deep change now. Meanwhile, Pluto is pushed to the max by the Uranus/Jupiter square. Grumbling from the inner Earth, Pluto says, “You can’t survive unless you are honest and care for life on this planet now.” Saturn in newly direct Virgo totally supports the new structure coming in and helps to find ways to solidify it.

Let’s now look at the other planets for guidance on how we can survive this great shift as it goes into gear; they can help us imagine how to play our own roles in this cosmic drama. Chiron/Neptune, continuing to travel close together in the sky all year, trine the Solstice Sun; they are singing exquisite songs of spiritual healing, like gossamer goddesses playing lyres as they emerge from Greek temples. The influence on each one of us over the past two years by the Chiron/Neptune conjunction is the reason we are ready for this great Grand Square; these two planets proudly trine the Solstice Sun to be there for you. We are all hungry for the new forms and to know what out world will be like, so Chiron/Neptune are with us no matter how difficult things get. How will we be feeling this summer? The Moon in late Libra poised to go into Scorpio exactly trines the Solstice Sun and forms the third angle of a beautiful Grand Trine-Sun exactly trine Chiron/Neptune exactly trine the Moon-that is the most graceful, poetic, watery, and nurturing gift in this chart. We will feel the strength of summer’s bounty while we change, change, change. And, Mars in steady and reliable Virgo widely opposes Chiron/Neptune, as if he is giving the Grand Trine a boost of steady earth energy.

According to the timing of the Mayan Calendar, we are on the apex of an evolutionary shift on Earth. The only thing that blocks it now is us, and the way we block ourselves is as old as the hills. Have you ever heard of the Seven Deadly Sins? The seven deadly sins are: anger, envy, gluttony, greed, laziness, lust, and pride. During the Solstice, considering each one of these sins; see if you can see where you judge yourself. Where you judge yourself may indeed be a place where you need to improve yourself, but it is more likely to be a place where old religious paradigms put you on the cross. The cross and the hanging deity, the supposed model for humanity, is not going to help anybody reach their potential, so let’s get off of it! If you can clear away these seemingly small issues during the Solstice, your ability to absorb the great powers of the June 26 lunar eclipse will be greatly enhanced. This could enable you to draw down powerful spiritual forces right into Gaia. This is not about making you feel bad about yourself, it is about getting you in touch with habits you have that take down your access to spirit. These habits often cause you to miss amazing opportunities staring you right in the face because you are avoiding the intensity of true spiritual contact. So, think about and feel how you handle each one of these emotional response patterns, and when you see that you are deficient somewhere, think about how you could change it. Just intend to change it, very much like making Spring Equinox intentions, and by your intention during this potent Summer Solstice, you will change. (See full article on the site Lightworkers)

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