Soon to be released: Voices Out of Stone

This jointly written book was inspired by an inner prompting, an impulse that sent me on a journey to Carnac on the south coast of Brittany in France. It was the first of many extended visits to those magnificent sites, where the megaliths are strewn across vast areas of the landscape and at some places reach into the sea. I was unaware then that ten years earlier Carolyn had also had been inspired to follow clues and inner promptings that led her to make the same journey to Brittany, to the same stones at which Hamilton Hill and I spent so much time, the result of which was our first book, Let the Standing Stones Speak. It seems that certain stones can record information from the Universe, held there by what we may call angelic resonance, by beings we did not see, but in other ways were fully aware of. Each of us – Carolyn and Hamilton and I – from our first meeting with the stones, felt that they were reaching out to hug and welcome us, but also to warn us of how necessary and urgent it is to change human consciousness.

We live in England and France, Carolyn in California, and to this day we have not met. But Carolyn had kept a journal of her time in Carnac, a record of the messages she heard when in the presence of these ancient stones, of their healing powers and friendly guidance. In a family of sceptical scientists, her journal was a long-kept secret until one day in a San Francisco bookshop she found a copy of our book, detailing the remarkably similar experiences that Hamilton and I had shared at the very same stones. Carolyn, who is the author of eight other books, contacted us after reading it and sent us extracts from her journal.

Fascinating e-mail exchanges followed and it became clear that the only way we could continue the conversation was to write a book together, using the contents of her journal, and our information that was not in our first book. Amazingly she agreed. Hamilton and I had felt that our work at Carnac was unfinished, and in this sequel with Carolyn we feel we are continuing that work and helping to recharge the energies at Carnac. Ancient voices, heard through us, are being reawakened; perhaps they are among the truest voices of our time of essential change. Rarely have I heard a human voice speak with such understanding or depth of love, as in the mysterious messages from the megaliths. They provide us with guidance, tenderness and joy to help us all towards a higher level of consciousness and soul awareness. The messages in Voices Out of Stone are intended for the wider human family but they are often of a very personal nature. They remind us of the natural energy patterns of ancient landscape and the place of the human being within that landscape.  I have illustrated the book with some fifty pen and ink line drawings. –Natasha Hoffman (Findhorn Press, published 18 June 2010)

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