12+24 Hour Self-Transcendence Race of Basel- a Mekka for Ultra Runners

On May 8/9, 2010, the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team organized the 22nd edition of the 12+24 Hour Race in the Sports Stadium St. Jakobs in Basel, Switzerland. This time we had many new runners that joined the group the comes to Basel regularly – all together 122 from 13 nations. All races of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team use a round course that gives them the best opportunity to be of serve to the runners around the clock with counter, food and medical stations. In addition to this several music groups such as “Mountain-Silence” and Adesh & Ajita performed at the course for inspiration. Although the weather was not ideal in the evening and during the night, the atmosphere was friendly and enthusiastic until the finish on Sunday noon. First among the men in the 24 hour category was Ludger Robert Boewer with a distance of 238 k and among the women Heike Christ with 208 k, both from Germany. Fastest 12 hour runners were Thomas Herget (134 k) and Dorothea Pfeffer (115 k), also from Germany. A 7 minute summary of the 24 hour event can be watched on srichinmoytv.


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