First Crop Circle of the Season

As stated on the the first formation of 2010 has finally arrived. The winter of 2009/2010 was the coldest for over 30 years with heavy snowfall, freezing temperatures and then followed by heavy rain. All these elements hampered a steady growth to slow growth so the expectancy was that spring would not be greeted by blooming Canola. This indeed was the case so is it safe to say that the 2010 season was delayed due to this fact or was it indeed another reason? Much needed sunshine temporarily arrived to stimulate plant growth so within the last 2 weeks of April fields planted with Canola begun to bloom, but then in the 1st week of May, temperatures plummeted to lows of around  5 -6 to 8 degrees C. Could this be a theory to contemplate on that due to the low temperature the plant stem becomes stiffer and more upright and would therefore lack the flexibility required for the plant to bend? The May Bank Holiday weekend had a  variable temperature forecast so we decided to head off into the regular hotspots of Wiltshire for a night watch vigil. The night was cold and very still – silent enough to hear the most distant sounds. We felt that it was time for the first formation to arrive – so we sat quietly and patiently staring into dark fields. We didnt have to wait to long before the first signs of activity had begun. Pale blue flashes lit up a nearby field on 3 occasions, then followed by thin streaks of light shooting over our heads. Then a beam of light appeared, followed by balls of light an hour or so later. At the break of dawn the anticipation of a formation were high indeed but after checking all the regular hot spots and Canola fields by ground and air we soon realised that no formation was laid. Well – certainly not in this area – approx 20 miles from Alton Barnes the Makers were happily creating the first formation of the season below Boscombe Military airspace. This formation was originally discovered on the 3rd of May but never reported – it is only the vigilance of a civilian who spotted this formation a day later. Is this a ring, a Mayan head band with the third eye  in the center or another cryptic message which will keep us theorizing for the next few months.

Statement from Matt Holloway, who first announced the arrival of the first crop circle formation of the year: “I must say I was quite surprised that I was the first to report the circle. Maybe I should give you a brief rundown of events to give you some idea of time scale. I work at a factory a few miles north of the city and we have a works bus that takes us in, so I first passed that field at about 7:15 am.  As an avid enthusiast for Crop circles and other strange phenomenon I am always looking out for strange events wherever I travel and I can say with complete confidence the formation was not there when I proceeded to work. When I was returning from work at about 5.20 pm I only noticed an area of flattened crop. I wasn’t totally sure if it was a formation as it wasn’t well defined from the road.  After returning home I had a quick search on a few website to see if anything had been reported. As there hadn’t I grabbed my camera and headed up to Old Sarum. I expected there to be at another formation already as we don’t have many formations appear that close to Salisbury, usually they appear around Stonehenge, and I was aware of previous formations at Pepperbox Hill, near Alderbury. But most formations are on the Plain and  we haven’t had such a close formation for a number of years. After reaching Old Sarum at about 8.40 pm I went round to the north side and there it was. I got my camera out and started snapping away.  Even from the hill the perspective of the formation wasn’t great and it was quite hard to make out the design. But as I focussed on it I almost went into a trance, the usually noisy sheep grazing the grass of the fort and the pigs across at Mr Paynes farm went silent and I heard no sound from the busy main road. I was just focussed on the circle oblivious to anything else around me.

So, from the time I first saw the formation to the time I revisited the site was a period of at least three hours. I expected there to be other people looking upon it or even some tracks going into the field, but there was nothing. I decided to try and gain permission to go into the field so I walked to the houses set back behind the fields and knocked on the door. A lady named Jenny answered the door and I asked her for permission to enter the field, but she informed me she only rented the cottage and I would have to get permission from the farm manager, who I was unable to contact that evening. ( I have since spoken to him and he has allowed me to visit the field on Sunday 9th May for an hour to take a look with a maximum of two other people.) Also she was unaware that there was a formation in the field. As too the construction. I find it hard to believe that it was created in broad daylight by people without being seen, which leaves alternative explanations of which I am still very undecided about… The symbols of the circle are very intriguing, in fact the disc with wings seems to be prevelant in many cultures from the Sumarians and Egyptians through to native Americans. Is there a connection? I shall keep an open mind until we have more proof.”


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