May 1-14: Raw Food Gathering in Ecuador

Raw foods enthusiasts from around the world intend to gather in Vilcabamba, Ecuador, for an informal, free–flow, unstructured, empowering and educational cell–ebration in the Sacred Valley of Longevity, from May the 1st to the 14th, 2010. Join Matt Monarch, Angela Stokes–Monarch, Piter Caizer and others. Bring your senses of humour and adventure, your water bottles, flashlights and hiking shoes…leave behind your expectations, left–brain worries and stilettos… Please be aware that Vilcabamba is a small town; if you intend to join this gathering, please come with a sense of respect and honour towards the local people, culture and ways of life – we can co–create an enjoyable, enriching experience for everyone! This gathering is truly a co–creation; no–one is specifically ‘in charge’ of organising events, transport, lodging, etc…and everyone is free to create, invite, participate and enjoy as inspiration guides them…the Vilcabamba area is an active wonderland of synchronistic flow, so step into the river and enjoy the journey… We could enjoy hikes together, raw food talks, foraging walks, horse–back riding, yoga sessions, group meditations, hot/cold spring adventures, farm tours, parties, drum circles, food demos and whatever else we might feel inspired into… Vilcabamba is blossoming into a little hub in the Andes of raw food orientated/yogic/conscious/eco–friendly, like–minded community. Well–known for the longevity of its residents, the region is traditionally home to an unusual number of centenarians, seemingly due to the outstanding soil/air/water quality in the area and the relaxed pace of life. Life in Vilcabamba is very simple and easy–going, with many people still riding around on horseback, children playing safely in the streets late into the evening and life centered around the simple town square.Vilcabamba is remarkably fertile and the climate in the area is described as ‘like spring all year round’, with food growing in abundance and houses built without either heaters or air conditioning…rich greenery, stunning views and rainbows abound… This world-gathering of raw food enthusiasts and superheroes is a one-time only event.  More info here:


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