Mount Kailash and other Power Places – Interview with Bruno Baumann

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For the last 30 years Bruno Baumann has been a passionate explorer of today’s world. He has traveled all over the world to discover new places, to experience the secrets of nature, especially in Tibet and its holy Mount Kailash. He is widely known for his TV reportages, books, posters and slide-shows. Bruno Baumann tells us about his many projects, his relationship with Buddhism and his plan for an extensive journey on the ancient silk-road leading to Shanghai in 2010, where the next World Exhibition will take place. He also shares with us some of his personal video material. Enjoy this colourful encounter! This is Episode 12 of “LIVE Voices – The Extraordinary in Everyday Life”, a monthly video podcast with inspiring interviews. If you want to experience Bruno Baumann live, don’t miss his lecture tour in Switzerland (March 1st-16th). Here you find all details of the tour.


One thought on “Mount Kailash and other Power Places – Interview with Bruno Baumann

  1. Dear Bruno

    I am awaiting for your photographs of your Calendar on Mt Kailash especially the one with Mt Kailash in the background white and shimmering and a Kalash in the foreground.. Someone must have taken my calendar so I am lost without it..
    But P N Oak wrote in his book at the Devotees of Lord Shiva built the Taj Mahal to simulate Mt Kailash so that Shiva jee
    would remain in Agra and not go back to his abode. There is also a Mt Kailash in the Ellora Caves..
    an attempt by devotees to lure the Lord to their own homes and environs

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