Tributes to World Harmony Leader Sri Chinmoy in Puerto Rico

A beautiful bronze statue of world harmony leader Sri Chinmoy has been dedicated inside the heart of Puerto Rico’s Botanical and Cultural Garden at Caguas to honour his lifetime of contributions to humanity. During the deeply moving dedication ceremony, Caguas Mayor William Miranda Marin (see photo) stated, “Sri Chinmoy will live for eternity…It is a privilege for us to have this beautiful statue of Sri Chinmoy in these gardens. We are subscribers to the same philosophy that Sri Chinmoy promoted during more than 40 years of his service to humanity.” During the moving ceremony, the Mayor was presented the Torchbearer Award by organisers of the World Harmony Run for his innovative and significant contributions to municipal development both in Caguas and worldwide, Founded by Sri Chinmoy in 1987, the relay run includes millions of young people and adults alike every year. Mayor Miranda Marin held aloft a lighted torch from the World Harmony Run along with other prominent city and garden officials.  The 2 m high statue was placed at a peace-filled grove which will serve as a centre for reflection and cultural activities for the garden’s many visitors. Others noted during the ceremony that Sri Chinmoy founded his first centre for meditation and personal development in Puerto Rico in 1966, and they now cover the globe. One of the peace visionary’s most significant contributions was to encourage the dedication of significant places to the cause of world peace – the Sri Chinmoy Peace-Blossoms family. Puerto Rico was dedicated as the first of 152 Peace-Blossoms-Nations by Governor Rafael Hernández Colón.


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